New Nexmo Voice API powered by the Vonage network moves the Company to the forefront of the programmable voice market

Vonage (NYSE:VG) (“the Company’), a leading provider of cloud communications for business, has launched a next-generation voice API through recently-acquired communications platform, Nexmo. Integrated with Vonage’s carrier-grade network, which terminates 15 billion minutes of global voice traffic annually to landline and mobile phones, the new Nexmo API provides a higher quality programmable voice experience than what is competitively available in the market today.

The Nexmo Voice API enables developers to build modern enterprise communications customised for any app, website or voice-based communications system, faster and easier than its previous APIs. The Nexmo voice API also enables integrations with existing business workflow software to drive enhanced productivity. This next-gen voice API allows companies to create communications solutions that can increase customer engagement and enhance the customer experience with just a few lines of code.

“When Vonage purchased Nexmo only a few months ago, we knew we could pair Nexmo’s APIs with Vonage’s voice network to deliver a higher quality programmable voice experience to the market,” said Alan Masarek, Vonage CEO. “We are encouraged by the speed with which we were able to bring enhanced voice capabilities to the Nexmo platform to accelerate the launch of the new voice API.”

Mr. Masarek continued, “This launch represents a tangible example of the power of the combination of Vonage and Nexmo, and the unmatched value proposition that we envisioned. With the new voice API, Nexmo adds to its strength in global messaging and pioneering work with chat apps, creating a formidable and complete set of APIs that further solidify Vonage’s leadership in the two most dominant forms of communication today, voice and messaging.”

Based on flexible and open standards, the new Nexmo Voice API allows developers to easily add capabilities like conferencing, call recording and call control to a company’s workflow, backed by the quality, strength and reliability of the Vonage network. The new API is also perfectly positioned to integrate emerging technology software like bots, artificial intelligence and deep data analysis into new and existing voice solutions.

Nexmo also has the largest global reach of any communications platform with the ability to provision local numbers to 85 countries, enabling companies to quickly scale their voice communications to meet global expansion needs. The new voice API joins Nexmo’s industry-leading global SMS API, innovative Chat App API and critical ID Verification API to create a powerful, easy-to-use suite of communications tools that are revolutionising the way developers build communications software into applications that are transforming how companies connect with their customers.

“Building enterprise-grade voice applications used to be a complex and expensive task. But the new voice API will allow developers to effortlessly create modern voice capabilities with open, agile and globally scalable architectures, enabling customised communications solutions to enrich customer conversations and deepen customer relationships,” said Tony Jamous, president of the Nexmo API Platform. “We are excited to have Vonage’s industrial-strength network and second-to-none voice capabilities behind the new API, and the speed with which Vonage was able to help accelerate this launch surpassed our expectations.”

The Nexmo Voice API will launch with a collection of new features and will be expanded over time. Notable launch features include:

  • Call Control: call transfer, hold and playback audio can be added to a live call
  • Conferencing: muting, earmuff-ing and notifications for all simple and moderated conference calls
  • Call Recording: record inbound calls, record individual call legs in a group call, store recordings locally or off-premise
  • Text-to-Speech: send text-to-speech messages and prompt users for responses
  • Programmability: the Nexmo Call Control Object manages the call flow using a developer-friendly API

To learn more about the new Nexmo Voice API, visit https://www.nexmo.com/products/voice/.

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