Vizolution has launched Click-to-Call functionality for its financial services, screen sharing for business solution, vScreen.

Vizolution Clicktocall
Vizolution Clicktocall

vScreen’s Click-to-Call functionality can give customers instant access to a sales agent at a time to suit both the customer and the company.

Click-to-Call is an integrated link between on-line and off-line; it is a simple process to bring a customer into a vScreen session which the customer can proactively access from a website or via a company’s outbound email campaign. It puts the customer in charge immediately engaging them in a way that is verbal and visual on a subject they actively want to know more about.

Click-to-Call dramatically improves response rates as it provides the customer with a call to action that is very simple and very effective. It also provides them with support at the time that he or she most requires it. This will reduce website abandonment rates caused by the customer not having access to help or information at the time they require it.

It is simple to implement and to use: the customer, clicks on the Click-to-Call button in their email or on the web, enters their details and is forwarded to a holding page for their vScreen session and waits for an agent to join them. The agent is instantly notified that there is a customer waiting, is told the customer’s details, then can select and phone them immediately at the same time joining them on a visual vScreen session.

Click-to-Call can be fully white labelled to reflect a financial services company’s branding. It also has smart buttons that have built in intelligence to determine when to display the Click-to-Call button to the customer, for example: the button might only appear if there is a free agent available to take a call or if the customer has been on a page for a certain time; alternatively, it may show the customer different messages depending on the time of day.

Click-to-Call provides a very easy way for the customer to be channelled into a positive vScreen experience, with almost no IT input as it can be easily bolted onto existing websites and emails. Top five UK financial services companies have seen vScreen achieve improvements in conversion rates, in revenue, greater cross sales and up-sales plus an over 90% positive customer survey response by users.

Bill Safran, CEO of Vizolution, said “This new vScreen functionality gives the customer more control over when they speak to a member of staff and what they speak to them about. It also dramatically increases the effectiveness of outbound email campaigns by making it incredibly simple for the customer to take the next step to speak to an adviser or find out more about a product. The visual element of the vScreen session then helps to ensure that they are fully engaged and contributes significantly to conversion rates. The additional benefit to the financial services company is that they can choose when to display the Click-to-Call button and what it should say and can alter this at different times of the day or night.

“This new functionality will make a dramatic difference to the way financial services organisations interact with their customers and to their rate of call to sale conversions.”


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