Community licensing eliminates the barriers of extending system use directly to external users.

VisualVault, a Business Process Automation (BPA) / licensing and case management software company, is introducing a revolutionary Community Licensing model for Public Sector organizations. This disruptive new model essentially abandons the traditional concurrent and named user licensing that has defined the industry and extends system usage to external organizations and users under a pricing structure that is affordable for these organizations.

Studies and reports from leading industry analysts consistently find that many state and county departments and agencies would benefit from modernizing IT systems that support mission critical business processes. However, the cost and inflexibility of software companies, with their traditional concurrent and named user licensing models, has limited the ability of Public Sector leadership to automate these critical business processes. The notion of extending use of the system to external users, such as service providers for licensing and enrollment, or citizens to file a complaint (examples) has been considered time and again by Public Sector leadership, but the significant increase in license fees has typically forced them to abandon the projects.

VisualVault’s Community Licensing model completely upends the standard licensing model to eliminate the high cost of extending system use directly to known users. By extending system use directly to external users, communications and interactions are improved as stakeholders are able to initiate self-service for immediate access 24/7 to their information and status. The new outcomes are realized in reduced resource and time required to complete tasks (eg: physical to digital conversion / data input), reduced need for status update calls, and increased speed and quality of service those constituents who need it the most.

“VisualVault is committed to helping departments and agencies provide superior service to those most in need,” commented Steve Pendleton, Managing Director for VisualVault. “Why allow legacy licensing practices to create Have and Have-not user groups? There is really no reason to have a user group who must download MS Word and PDF documents, print, complete, and then attach to an email, fax, or mail. Who does that in today’s digital world?”

“Our Community Licensing allows departments and agencies to make paper-intensive processes digitally-driven in order to achieve a waterfall effect downstream for staff and individuals and families served. We eliminate the high cost and barriers to drive improved outcomes for all stakeholders,” stated Steve Leichtman, CEO of VisualVault.

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