Offline iForms untether Inspectors, Service Agents and others from the internet.

VisualVault, a Business Process Automation (BPA)/ Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software company, introduces Offline iForms. Offline iForms is a derivative of VisualVault’s SaaS-based iForm technology that incorporates intelligence behind form fields in order to deliver faster, more accurate data collection and processing.  The Offline iForms product frees field personnel to conduct business regardless of internet availability.

Offline iForms are designed for Field Inspectors, Service Agents and other key personnel who spend their days conducting work remotely where internet connectivity may not be available due to facility security or remoteness.  Offline iForms enable these groups to take advantage of VisualVault’s inherent business rules, logic, and other features found in VisualVault’s internet-connected version.  Once internet connectivity becomes available, documented findings are automatically uploaded and saved to VisualVault or can be submitted directly to third party systems.

“VisualVault continues our commitment to raising the bar when it comes to automating processes to include those instances where connectivity is not possible,” commented Steve Leichtman, CEO for VisualVault. “Enabling field inspectors and service agents to be more efficient and accurate with their reporting reduces redundancy and processing times enabling agencies to improve services delivery to constituents and clients. And our unique subscription fee pricing makes offline iForms affordable.”

VisualVault’s SaaS-based offline iForms enable field based inspectors, agents and other personnel to gather and present information in a manner that is most relevant (contextual presentation) while not connected to the internet. Offline iForms have the ability to support business logic down to the field level. For example, how an inspector answers a question may determine which follow up fields are required, and then the technology presents those fields to in order to simplify the process, improve accuracy and eliminate omissions.

“We listen and respond to our clients’ needs to support their evolving business requirements,” stated Tod Olsen, CTO for VisualVault. “This easy to deploy, flexible solution is designed to scale for enterprise systems and integrates with existing core systems to insure data and process integrity.”