High-security-risk Industries and customers benefit from end-to-end data protection

In response to the explosive growth in consumers’ mobile phone usage – both inside and outside the workplace – Virtual StrongBox, Inc. has responded with ultra-secure, end-to-end data protection. The firm has gained it a third patent, this time for protecting the Company’s state-of-the-art technology, which allows users to securely select, view and store private documents on mobile phones and other digital devices.

Ron Daly
Ron Daly

Ron Daly, Virtual StrongBox’s President/CEO says the newest patent reinforces the Company’s technology defenses so enterprises, their employees and customers are assured both encryption-at-rest and in transit on their smartphones, tablets or other mobile device.

“These protections are especially important to high-risk industries that deal with sensitive consumer data, like banks, credit unions, insurance, healthcare and government,” said Daly. “Enterprises can now benefit from cloud convenience and the growing use of mobile devices with the peace of mind that they’re not sacrificing security.”

In February, Virtual StrongBox earned a patent for a security enhancement covering its process for capturing files from the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) stream. Last year, the Company was granted a patent for its secure storage system and file-encryption method for safeguarding data at rest. With the third patent, Virtual StrongBox is a clear leader in fin-tech enterprise and customer security.

In the past year, Virtual StrongBox has expanded its services well beyond enabling financial organizations to offer consumers secure, online document storage. The Company offers enterprises a comprehensive security platform and back-office strategy that includes using Vitual StrongBox’s secure cloud storage for file exchange with their customers, automate many operational tasks and speed up document delivery. Further, customers also can exchange specific documents with other providers, such as tax preparers, mortgage lenders and attorneys.

“Virtual StrongBox is also helping enterprises move forward with the ‘consumerization of IT’,” Daly said. “With devices and apps that are widely used by consumers finding a place in business and government, enterprises can use Virtual StrongBox to leverage their use of consumer technology to realize operational efficiencies, without sacrificing security.”

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