• Three quarters of consumers are more confident in purchasing decisions with supporting video content
  • Laptop is the preferred means of viewing for older buyers
  • New CitNOW Web Video & Smart Image helps upload assets in less than two hours

Retailers should tailor video communications to the digital habits of older car buyers as well as the younger generation, according to the latest research from automotive video expert CitNOW.

Recording video of a car
Recording video of a car

Experienced motorists aged 45-54 from ‘Generation X’, and their seniors, are among the most receptive to video, but some will still opt to use more traditional tech for viewing, with the laptop coming out on top.

CitNOW’s independent survey of 2,000 UK motorists* revealed that 31% of 45-54 year-olds use laptops as their primary device for viewing video content, this figure rising to 33% of those aged 55 and above.

Desktop computers still attract a loyal following, with 18% of Generation X members and one in five over 55s preferring the desk-mounted tower for video and other content. However, the smartphone is catching up, with 17% of 45-54 year-olds saying it’s their favourite means of viewing a video.

What unites all age groups is their receptiveness to video content as a component of the customer journey as almost three quarters of all people surveyed (74%) said they would be more confident committing to a purchase after viewing a video. Almost half (45%) of respondents said the personal touch of a video tour was very important when browsing for a used car on the internet.

CitNOW has expanded its suite of automotive video technology to ensure that retailers can offer the best selection of assets to customers using a used vehicle locator or viewing classifieds. CitNOW Web Video & Smart Image allows retailers to upload video and images to their used vehicle locator (UVL) directly from a smartphone in less than two hours; cutting down a process that could take up to two weeks using traditional photography upload methods.

Andrew Howells, founder at CitNOW commented: “While video technology is universally appealing, and helping trade professionals attract a new generation of customers through the door, using it to communicate has also captured the imagination of customers who will likely have a long history of buying cars.

“Retaining loyalty is key, and the consumer appetite for unique, personal communications with video is proven. Retailers have an opportunity to reach all customers through various channels, and CitNOW supports this by offering instant email and SMS options when distributing video communications.

“Open rates can be quickly accelerated and watch rates doubled by ticking off the email and SMS channels. This is vital in aftersales, when a vehicle is waiting on the ramp; workshops can use this window to have work approved remotely when the customer has just watched their video.”

The survey revealed that over one in ten motorists (12%) who had bought a car in the last 12 months had requested a personalised video of the car without prompting, indicating consumer demand for transparent communications.

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