UK Neutral Vendor de Poel Rebrands to GRI Following Acquisition

DETROIT- de Poel, the UK’s leading neutral-vendor managed service provider (MSP) for non-permanent hires and contingent workforces, was acquired in January by GRI, a US-based leading global independent extended workforce solution provider.  GRI is a portfolio company of Bain Capital Private Equity.

Effective immediately, the de Poel name will be replaced by GRI, publicly making the company and its employees all a part of the GRI family.  Along with the name change, all corporate branding will also be modified.

“We’re thrilled to expand our staff and scope of services as a result of this acquisition.  There is no question that adding the former de Poel entity to our ranks will result in many positives, allowing us to expand our presence in the UK and globally,” said Art Knapp, GRI’s CEO.

Andrew Preston, formerly de Poel’s CEO and now GRI’s CEO in the UK as well as COO of EMEA/APAC, will continue to lead their experienced management team as it focuses on helping clients realize the benefits of outsourcing while coordinating with more than 3,500 recruitment agencies weekly.  The existing client base consists of over 145 private- and public-sector clients, with its vendor-neutral MSP programs supported by its own unique technology platform.  “By becoming part of GRI, we have far greater opportunities to enhance our ability to serve our existing clients and expand into new areas.  We know our new name will soon be the UK’s most-recognized, built on the solid track records GRI and de Poel have worked so hard to secure,” Andrew said.

GRI’s existing global clients, with programs in more than 50 countries, will see no changes to their outstanding services, but may realize even more benefit from the company’s expanded list of industries.  “The services and solutions offered by de Poel allow GRI to expand our offerings into new verticals and countries,” Art said.  “The immediate and long-term benefits will ultimately make the growing GRI entity an even more vital player in the non-employee labor marketplace.”