Twenga Solutions, the e-commerce advertising specialist, today announces the company’s ambitious targets for 2016 as it aims to become the leader in ad campaign solutions for online retailers.

Following a successful 2015 where the company raised €10 million from Idinvest Partners and the launch of two search marketing optimisation solutions for Google Shopping and AdWords, Twenga Solutions continues to make significant growth investments in 2016. Alongside the continued recruitment of more experts on the ground, here are some successes from last year and projections for the year ahead:

Achievements in 2015

  • Development of Twenga Solutions’ own data tracking system, which launched in Spring 2015;
  • Raising of 10 million euros from Idinvest Partners in May 2015 to support Twenga Solutions’ on-going growth, innovation, and recruitment strategy;
  • Launch of two new optimisation solutions for Google Shopping and AdWords campaigns;
  • Recruitment of 75 new employees in the areas of research and development;
  • In Autumn 2015, launch of Twenga Solutions’ new high-frequency bidding technology that automatically optimises bids for SEM campaigns in real-time;
  • By the end of 2015, more than 500 online retailers signed up to Twenga’s new search marketing solutions platform.

Projections for strategic growth in 2016

  • New offices in Berlin, Madrid and Milan which will significantly extend Twenga Solutions’ presence in these important e-commerce markets;
  • Recruitment of 50 new employees for Twenga Solutions’ data science, account management and sales teams to accelerate the development and performance of its solutions across the company’s footprint;
  • Launch of additional product features as well as new solutions with the aim to improve its online advertising performance and conversion rates;
  • The first new feature to be introduced to customers in early 2016 is a new campaign optimisation algorithm that caters to retailers who have a smaller SEM campaign budget but still want to maximise their performance;
  • A new solution will be introduced this year to help retailers optimise their product campaigns on Facebook, an increasingly important platform for client acquisition in e-commerce.

“One of our main goals in 2016 is to boost our international expansion plan for our traffic acquisition portfolio. Considering the successful growth of our customer base in 2015, Twenga Solutions is well-positioned to maintain this momentum both locally and internationally,” explained Bastien Duclaux, CEO and co-founder of Twenga Solutions. “We have a healthy pipeline, and plan to work closely with our customers to make further enhancements and optimise our solutions for the needs of the growing e-commerce advertising market. I’m also very excited by the influx of new staff we continue to welcome through our doors.”

The company continues to seek new recruits for its offices in Germany, Spain and Italy; for a list of all open positions currently available at Twenga Solutions, log on to: