TRooTech Unlocks Similar Apps Development Approach Envisioning App Market Saturation

Start Similar, Evolve Differently

Technology works on the principle of compounding whereas businesses just adopt, conceptually doesn’t change much. With each passing year, the number of new technological advancements doubles in number compared to the previous year and so is for Internet-based businesses.

However, what the relation between the two? None, they are parallel components of apps based business ecosystem. Hence, there is a boom where mobile application development for startups has become a repetitive in today’s nature and there’s no problem with it.

The projections in the markets showed 3.60 million apps by end of 2017 and 4.18 million apps by the end of 2018 on Apple App store. That is 580,000 new apps in one year. (Source: SensorTower for information credits)

“Entrepreneurs feel that the app markets today have become saturated. It looks however how I see is it’s not the market that has saturated, it is the mind that saturates and fears of the competition. We have been eating burgers at McDonalds and Burger King, did we not see entrepreneurs in non-digital age starting a similar business?” says Niraj Jagwani, CEO, TRooTech

When we started providing global IT solutions to businesses worldwide, experience made us learn the hard way. We got the first-hand experience of the market. To put it more precisely, when we zoomed-in, we started seeing things on a micro-level. The problems, obstacles, and questions faced by entrepreneurs made more sense. This is when the idea of Similar Apps Development was seeded in our minds.

Sooner or later, businesses figure out what they thought of as a saturated market, was nothing but a world-view, a dogma spread across certain groups of people. An industry which provides services and products, there is always a scope for improvement, for providing better results and going beyond the expectations, always. Apps or Internet are just a medium.

An entrepreneur’s courage and determination to take the plunge on top of experienced professionals in the same field, is what gave birth to similar apps development. Our experts have scrutinized and chewed upon the technical know-how of industry leading apps. Similar apps development leverages the concept of improvising, adapting, and overcoming the obstacles of application development.

What’s the benefit of Similar Apps Development approach?

A. Leverage on GTM: Go-To-Market Playbook

At TRooTech, the engineers and developers have sunk their teeth into every bit of knowledge available to understand the working principles of major apps viz. Uber, Poshmark, Open Table, etc. Programmers know the entire information framework of these apps in & out. The team for similar apps development has a mould, up and running all the times. Whenever a startup comes with an idea to develop a similar app, TRooTech knows what exactly they want. Analyzing and understanding the industry leaders helped us develop a foresight into the hindrances and obstacles that may arise in the future. Hence, not only does the Company help build an application, it pours tons of insights along with any additional information that a business may have missed out on.

That is how similar apps development acts as a catapult to launch potential businesses directly into the game, giving a major boost to their Go-To-Market strategy. These additional times can be further utilized for the marketing innovations.

B. The Technology Adoption

The concept of similar apps development is engineered to bring out the best results with the repeatable skilled development. What does this mean?

Simply every resource is trained on the technologies the company has researched for the market leading apps. Hence not only the conceptual knowledge advantages but also the hands on experience on respective technologies give an edge above for the startups. Imagine a developer who developed Airbnb is developing your website.

TRooTech has streamlined the complete process of similar apps development that functions with clockwork perfection for the techpreneurs to have a solution.

The flow from Idea Screening > Concept Development > Strategy Analysis > Product Development, has been tried and tested several times throughout our journey; end results being the same every time, one app added on the marketplace with a strong technical backbone of our team.

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