Troostwijk and BVA merge

Auctio, with Dutch BVA Auctions as its best known online auction house, and Troostwijk Auctions & Valuations have announced they will merge to form Europe’s largest online auction platform.

“A logical step”, say CEOs Ghislaine Duijmelings (Troostwijk) and Herberth Samsom (Auctio).

“We are merging our technologies, auction expertise and market knowledge. Our buyers will now find even more items that interest them. And our sellers will instantly reach an even larger, more international buying public.  Our experts know exactly where to find the right buyers.”

One company, multiple houses

“Technology, data and marketing are increasingly relevant to auctioning. We are now pooling our expertise and investments into holding company TBAuctions”, says Samsom. “Troostwijk and BVA will continue to be our primary houses. We are a perfect match: together, we have something for every buyer. We take a data-driven approach to determine what house and which channels will allow us to achieve the best result.”

 “We currently auction over 1.5 million items (lots) each year, in over 6,700 auctions. We have offices in 18 countries, and our buyers come from all over the world. Every month, we receive more than 6 million visitors and almost 100 million pageviews. Buying and placing bids securely are major concerns for buyers. We’re an excellent alternative to regular sales channels: that’s because we offer buyers a huge selection along with the thrill of the bidding process.”

A genuine partner

Duijmelings: “Another one of our strengths is the personal approach we take towards our partners. For example, we help companies achieve their overarching goals: to be a healthier business, to create space for investing and reinvesting and to become more flexible so they can keep on top of market developments. All of this is easier when you have a trusted partner who helps you capitalize on the value of your assets – because everything has value.”

Focus on specific sectors

The company is sharpening its focus on specific industries and growth sectors throughout Europe. To name a few: art and antiques; real estate; agriculture; metalworking; food-processing; construction; infrastructure; logistics and transport. Samsom: “Auctions are still a relatively new way of selling in some countries and industry sectors.  We want to reach these sectors and firmly establish auctioning as the ultimate way to sell. Our 350-member team is ready to help them cash in on the value of their assets.”

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