Trinity Mirror launches PaperPay pilot

PaperPay-AppPaperPay™ is a voucher App that allows users to purchase newspapers using a smartphone.

Today, Trinity Mirror’s in-house New Business Division has announced the launch of the first in a series of Apps, as the publisher moves towards innovative new offerings in the mobile and digital space.

PaperPay will allow users to purchase newspapers with smartphone technology rather than cash transactions, bringing together the enjoyment of reading a newspaper and the convenience of paying for it using a unique voucher generated on your phone.

The service is now available in 47,000 newsagents across the UK and can be used to purchase the Daily and Sunday Mirror – once the pilot phase is complete the technology will be rolled out to include further Trinity Mirror titles.

Your-Paper-paperpaySubscribers simply go to their nearest partner newsagent, which the App shows on a map, and the voucher is redeemed for a copy of the selected paper.

Matt Colebourne, Director of the New Business Division at Trinity Mirror plc, commented: “PaperPay is convenient for the consumer and retailer alike. The consumer can enjoy their daily paper, as usual, pay for it in a hassle-free way and make significant savings over time; the retailer receives full cover price direct to their bank account. It’s convenient, secure and simple.”

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PaperPay is free to download and anyone downloading the App before 25 April 2013 will receive five free copies of the Daily Mirror. Paying customers also get entry into a weekly prize draw to win £100 in cash.

Once downloaded, PaperPay allows you to subscribe to your chosen newspaper using secure Credit / Debit card, Paypal or SMS payments, or you can sign up for a Pay As You Go service. Weekly, monthly and annual subscriptions come with savings of over £60.

The app is available on Android and iOS, and eventually the plan is to license the service to other UK publishers.



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