Currently being launched in France, and soon in other European countries, the Circo S by Acer is an innovative tracker combining the technologies of GPS, WiFi, and 3G into one tiny (22 grams) portable device. The security solution, imagined for caretakers and parents to be able to locate their loved ones at all times, enables distress signals, enforces security perimeters and sends relevant alerts (both via SMS). More generally, it provides real-time positioning of the tracker via Android2 and iOS3 phones and tablets.

Transatel is the cellular enabler behind the tracking solution, ensuring accurate positioning and seamless connectivity for the device throughout Europe. Thus, any end-user traveling in this region is certain to benefit from consistent service.

By enabling the Circo S, Transatel successfully confirms the strategy defined late 2014 of branching out to connected objects, and taking part in the boom of the Internet of Things. Within the connected objects segment, cellular connectivity is proving indispensable, either on a stand-alone basis, or combined with other technologies.

Jacques Bonifay, Transatel CEO: “We stand at the beginning of a technological revolution in which VAS (Value-Added Services) tend to weigh more in a buyer’s decision than the hardware does. In this trend, OEMs such as Acer, Microsoft, Toshiba and Sony Mobile are taking the lead, thanks to our cellular enabling services. The Circo S is an excellent example, as it is part of Acer BYOC’s BeingWare initiative, a solution which integrates hardware, software and services. In order to offer VAS,OEMsmust first ensure the end-user benefits from quality connectivity. Transatel answers this need by providing a single interface and technical management platform for the world. That’s how Transatel can help companies launch their next-generation products, whatever the connected object or device.”

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