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The Wealth Elite: A groundbreaking study of the psychology of the super rich

The Wealth Elite: A groundbreaking study of the psychology of the super rich

By Dr. Rainer Zitelmann

What makes the super rich tick? Is there a specific mindset that sets ultra-high net worth individuals apart from the rest of us? Are they meticulous planners – or is their wealth an unintended by-product of their entrepreneurial activities? Is it nature or nurture that sets them on the path to great financial success? Dr Rainer Zitelmann presents the findings of his academic investigation in an easily accessible way that makes The Wealth Elitea timely and important topic for anybody interested in the forces and motivations that shape 21st century elites.

Wealth-EliteThis book represents one of the most comprehensive modern-day studies of the super-rich and has been hailed by The Huffington Post; Harvard Business Manager and The European – each calling the book of major importance.

The book is based on interviews with members of the financial elite, and rigorous academic analysis, this empirical study investigates the link between personality traits and the creation of enormous wealth. In short, the book provides a fascinating insight into the world of the super rich – and how they think, behave and make their fortunes.

For instance, the author’s research shows that many UHNWIs started their entrepreneurial careers when they were still at school or university. A surprisingly large number were competitive athletes during their youth and that their decision-making processes are more often led by intuition or “gut feeling” than by rational analysis.

The leading German current affairs magazine DER SPIEGEL (7/2017) hails Dr Zitelmann’s new book as “the first academic study to conduct an in-depth exploration of the thought processes and behaviour of the wealthy… No previous researcher has got as close to individuals with a personal net worth in the tens and hundreds of millions as Zitelmann does.”

The author Dr. Rainer Zitelmann is the author of 19 books. He was previously a senior editor at Die Welt newspaper. Later he became the leading communications consultant for the real estate sector in Germany. The material for this book is based on his second doctorate.

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