The French Startup NeuroChain About to Be Listed on HADAX/Huobi

NeuroChain, the first Blockchain infrastructure based on Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), today announces – after the successful ICO in March/April 2018 – it will be listed, on July 17th, on HADAX/Huobi, the third largest cryptocurrency exchange worldwide, after Binance and OKEX.

NeuroChain, co-founded in Paris in 2017 by Frédéric Goujon, a system architect expert, and Billal Chouli, who holds a PhD in nuclear and particle physics, is made up of a team of 17 professionals, including entrepreneurs and scientists from the best universities (Oxford, MIT, Columbia, École Polytechnique).

NeuroChain is an ecosystem that represents an evolution of the blockchain using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to dramatically improve the capabilities and performance of blockchain distributed systems.

NeuroChain is also a technological platform designed to host Collective Artificial Intelligence applications. It is built on 4 key concepts to revolutionize the blockchain:
• It works with intelligent, high-speed, safe and reliable robots;
• It is an ecosystem of collective artificial intelligence;
• It uses an ingenious decision protocol to be more efficient;
• It’s an open source initiative.

Existing blockchains are based on two protocols: the “Proof of Work” and the “Proof of Stake” – which leverage miners in the network. Because miners have energy and economic limitations, the NeuroChain protocol, called “Proof of Involvement and Integrity (PII)”, replaces them with intelligent robots.

NeuroChain plans to launch the first version of its platform in January 2019 and aims to become the preferred protocol for the main players in sectors such as retail, logistics, banking, insurance and the public sector.

“This listing is a key step for our investors. The valuation of NeuroChain is realized through the development of its platform and related business applications currently being prototyped,” explains Bruno Delahaye, Chief Growth Officer at NeuroChain.

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