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The 5-year mystery over missing students continues for Mexico



The 5-year mystery over missing students continues for Mexico

Mexico continues its way digging for facts about the mystery surrounding the 43 students who went missing since September 26, 2014. The students were a part of a rural teacher’s college in Ayotzinapa. What’s alarming is the disappearance of these students while under police custody.

Five years down the line, the nation and families are coming all-out, determined to discover their whereabouts. All this started when these students were kidnapped following the alleged involvement of the officials who further taken over by a drug trafficking organization called Guerreros Unidos.

It has been a gruesome period for the parents of missing students who have stretched themselves beyond their capacity seeking answers about their whereabouts. There are over 40,000 cases of missing people registered in a nation where violence overshadows the law.

The fact that nobody is convicted so far regarding the disappearance of these people gives a clear picture of loopholes in the system. That the case was closed under Enrique Pena Nieto Administration that invited tense-ridden questions from the human rights groups and organizations displaying the highest level of negligence from the Government.

The story behind the missing students is scary, to say the least. There have been cases in the past where members of rival gangs have had links with local police officers to kidnap civilians. The case was reopened for inspection when Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was elected President last year.

This gave a ray of hope for the families of the missing students where the President addressed them on the latest developments underway to track the disappeared students.He ensured a rethinking process to enable a call-for-action with comprehensive investigation procedure in place. He also added those authorities who encouraged omission and involved themselves in illegal practices will be brought to books.

Citizens of Mexico believe the former President’s administrative practices laid the foundation for horrendous crimes in the country.

All the Government officials, including the President, ditched their suits and wore grey tees printed with the number 43 representing the news conference as part of the movement. The conference had the officials announcing to offer monetary rewards to those who give critical information on prime suspects and anything related to the case.

The journey continues

Parents and family members put their foot down and said they will continue their journey to seek truth until solved. An appearance at the Congress meeting was followed by a mass memorial of the missing students. They said it’s a slow and complicated process but will continue their movement until justice is served.

A key player of this movement is Omar Garcia Velasquez, a former spokesman who survived police attacks the night when 43 students were kidnapped. He said the families will not rest and will take every step needed to bring the truth to light.

A brand-new investigation has revived the hopes of the nation and the parents who seem optimistic that the movement and the investigation will give them significant answers. A mass procession took place on Thursday in Mexico City amidst varying emotions and several questions.

The group insists they want the students back alive.

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