Telestax(R) Announces RestcommONE(TM) Message Exchange For Broadsoft’s Broadworks UC-One Platform

RestcommONE Federated Messaging Enables Sending And Receiving SMS Texts From Inside Broadworks UC-ONE Unified Communications Platform

Telestax®, the Restcomm™ company, today announced availability of RestcommONE Message Exchange targeted at professionals needing to communicate, by standard SMS text, with business constituents residing outside of the Broadworks UC-One platform. Broadworks UC-One is a rich UC platform that supplies a unified messaging capability to individuals residing within its community. Message Exchange now extends unified messaging to individuals residing outside of the Broadworks UC-One platform.

There are big benefits to be gained by users and organizations that have deployed Broadworks UC-One. UC-One users no longer need to use their personal mobile devices to send and receive work related texts. Organizations keep all business related messaging on their network and business contacts are kept within the company, increasing privacy and security. Further, Broadsoft UC-One service providers can now offer an additional revenue generating service that increases customer satisfaction and perceived value in the services provided by their network operator.

Message Exchange is a key part of Telestax’s CPaaS enablement strategy. Quickly CPaaS enable our service provider partners and give them immediate access to revenue generating SMS enabled services. Once up and running, service providers also gain access to powerful programmable messaging, voice and video APIs offered by the RestcommONE platform. The ultimate goal is to give service providers the tools and features they need to be innovative leaders and keep pace with market opportunities.

15 Minutes To Message Exchange
Telestax’s objective to make Message Exchange implementation straightforward – and easy and quick to configure was successful. Only six steps are required for the first user in a given domain:

Access to Broadsoft UC server available to receive a SMS text
Have a valid SSL in place
Have a RestcommONE account in place
Point the SMS URL to RestcommONE
Obtain the user’s XMPP address
Add a new RestcommONE contact in their UC-One client
Once this process is followed for the first user, all remaining users in the same domain simply add a new RestcommONE contact in their UC-One client. Learn more about RestcommONE Message Exchange by Registering for the upcoming Message Exchange Webinar or go to the RestcommONE Message Exchange web page.

Message Exchange Is In Production
RestcommONE Message Exchange is currently in use by Veracity Networks and MetTel. Both service providers have successfully launched the product into their enterprise customer base.

“Competition in the UCaaS market forces Veracity to continue to be innovative and look for new features and services that help our customers,” said Drew Peterson, Veracity Chief Revenue Officer. “With the RestcommONE Message Exchange we are able to quickly and seamlessly integrate SMS into our offering, helping us to deliver a more robust product that our customers need. And it provides a new revenue stream from our installed base. Combined with the Telestax’s Programmable SMS, it gives Veracity a great competitive advantage over other UCaaS SMS only offerings.”

Message Exchange really is just a 15-minute integration process to push messages in and out of UC-One,” said Ed Fox, MetTel VP of Network Services. “The great thing is that we can SMS-enable our customer’s phone numbers for them so everything stays on our network, giving both MetTel and our customers full control over how the services get deployed. Message Exchange, combined with our other SMS enablement initiatives, helps MetTel deliver innovative services for enterprise communications.”

Message Exchange Future Plan
Broadworks UC-One is the first platform to be SMS enabled through Message Exchange. Against various opinions, SMS continues to be the standard for business messaging. RestcommONE Message Exchange will solidify its dominant position by connecting it to OTT business chat platforms and additional UC platforms. The goal with RestcommONE Message Exchange is to federate key business messaging platforms, enabling frictionless communication between business partners no matter which platform an organization has standardized on.

“With the myriad of closed messaging platforms that exist in the market and new platforms being introduced, Telestax believes federation is critical to enable frictionless communication,” said Jean Deruelle, Telestax CTO and cofounder. “SMS is the lingua franca for business messaging making it the natural choice for seamlessly connecting these disparate systems together.”