Sun Growth Financial Launched Global Online Trading Platform, One Account to Trade Global Securities

Sun Growth Financial (“SGF”), a member of Fortune Fountain Capital Financial Group (“FFC Financial Group”), has taken securities trading services to the next level by launching its security trading platform – Sun Growth Securities Connect and its new website ( recently.  It not only marks a big step forward on providing digitalized and professional one-stop global securities trading services, but also is a milestone of the development of FFC Financial Group.

One Online Account to Access And Trade In Global Securities Market

Sun Growth Securities Connect provides securities trading of Hong Kong securities and China Connect Securities, as well as global securities including U.S. securities, U.K. securities, Singapore securities and Japan securities.  Investors can trade securities listed on eight major world stock exchanges (Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Nasdaq Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, Singapore Exchange and Tokyo Stock Exchange) in these 6 districts online simply through one investment account.  Besides, SGF offers offline securities trading services of other markets, including but not limited to Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Malaysia and Thailand.

As to charges, the online commission charges are stipulated below:

Online Trading MarketsCommission Charges
Hong Kong securities0.08% of transaction amount, minimum HKD 50
China Connect securities0.03% of transaction amount, minimum CNY 20
U.S. securities0.08% of transaction amount, minimum USD 8
U.K. securities0.15% of transaction amount, minimum GBP 10/ EUR 12
Singapore securities0.15% of transaction amount, minimum SGD 10/ USD 8 / HKD 50
Japan securities0.15% of transaction amount, minimum JPY 2,000

For offline commission charges, investors/clients can visit the company website to get the latest information.

Comprehensive Services To Enhance Clients’ Trading Experience

In order to improve clients’ trading experience, SGF also provides services including:

  1. Real-time snapshot quote of Hong Kong securities;
  2. Real-time streaming quote of China Connect securities and more than 800 global stocks;
  3. 24-hour customer services covering global trading hours;
  4. China toll-free hotline tailor made for mainland China clients, allowing them to contact Customer Service representatives easily and hassle-free; and
  5. Mobile application version, desktop version and web version are all available that suit different clients’ needs, and can be downloaded on SGF website.

Besides the services above, SGF also provides online IPO subscription and securities margin financing.

Mr. Frank Wong, Managing Director of SGF said: “In the near future, SGF will offer more products and services, such as professional market research, and a series of promotional policies to fulfill the needs of investors and clients. And we will constantly evolve our online trading platform to boost investors’ trading experience and help them capture investment opportunities from global securities market more conveniently.”

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