Murphy Salisbury, one of the Midlands’ premier accountancy firms, acted as one of the key advisors in the recent multi-million pound international sale of British company APSU.

The team at Murphy Salisbury are proud of their involvement in this landmark deal between the APSU Group, funded by the BGF (Business Growth Fund– a UK-based venture capital investment firm, which invests in small to medium sized enterprises) and the CSI Group, backed by Black Hawk Capital.

Steve Morris, CEO and the major shareholder of APSU, has been working with Bobby Gupta, Director at Murphy Salisbury, for nearly twenty years.

As the APSU auditors and trusted advisors to Steve Morris on many previous deals, Murphy Salisbury was the obvious choice for this transaction.

Bobby explained that their client Mr Morris approached him at the end of 2016 to help with this very complex cross boarder disposal, he said: “We were contacted by Steve, who is a long-standing client, to advise on the complexities of this deal, the only problem was the time scale; there were only seven days to the scheduled completion date, involving people in multiple countries and multiple time zones”.

“Having worked with Steve and APSU for nearly twenty years Murphy Salisbury had an excellent understanding of the business and so were in the perfect position to provide the assistance Steve required.”

Utilising their extensive knowledge and expertise the team at Murphy Salisbury facilitated the completion of the financial due diligence and designed the necessary restructuring, which meant that the transaction could go ahead.

“We are delighted that Murphy Salisbury were able to step in and enable this multi-national transaction to complete,” said Steve.

“Throughout the disposal Murphy Salisbury navigated us through a range of very complex issues, most significantly the potential tax payments facing me.”

He added: “As a French resident disposing of a UK business, I had some very significant tax issues, which could have prevented the deal from proceeding. Led by Bobby, the team at Murphy Salisbury re-structured the deal in a way that made the transaction more efficient, enabling it to complete”.

“I truly believe that without the guidance and expertise of Bobby and the team at Murphy Salisbury there was a very serious risk that this deal would have fallen through – thanks Bobby”.

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