StayLinked connects mission-critical host-based applications to devices running the Windows 10 operating system

StayLinked Corporation today announced Terminal Emulation support for Microsoft Windows 10 devices, which makes StayLinked the only Terminal Emulation solution on the Windows 10 platform. In doing so, StayLinked has committed to the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) ensuring the StayLinked TE Client will now run on any and all Windows 10 devices and is available on the Windows App Store.

StayLinked also announced the upcoming release of StayLinkedSmartTE for Windows 10. SmartTE easily transforms “green screen” application screens into modern, graphical screens with no changes to the original enterprise application.  SmartTE for Windows 10 will be available in late Q1 of 2017.

StayLinked TE for Windows 10 supports a wide range of mobile devices and has been StayLinked-Certified on Microsoft Windows 10 Desktop and Windows 10 Surface; Honeywell CT50, VM3, and D75e; and the Panasonic FZF1. Mobile devices from Zebra, Nokia, and others are currently undergoing certification.

The Windows 10 UWP approach allows the StayLinked Client to run on any device supporting Windows 10. Users are now able to run Terminal Emulation applications on Windows 10 devices that best suit their needs.

“We’re excited about working with Microsoft to bring Terminal Emulation to a whole new range of devices,” says StayLinked President, Dan Hogan. “The idea behind the Universal Windows Platform is that you can run the same application across multiple devices, something we’ve espoused for years. We also understand the market need for a Windows 10 TE client and we’re thrilled to be able to fulfill that need for our customers.”