Shinsei Corporate Management says that Google is Investing $550 Million in Chinese E-Commerce Giant

TOKYO- Shinsei Corporate Management has reported that Google announced on Monday their intentions of investing over half a billion dollars into, China’s second largest e-commerce player.

Research analysts from Shinsei Corporate Management have noted that the companies released a statement declaring that Google will receive over 27 million new Class A ordinary shares in return from their $550 million cash investment.

The companies also stated their intentions of forming a strategic partnership together going forward. The shares will be issued at a price of $20.29 per share, equivalent to $40.48 per American depository share.

Developing retail infrastructure is believed to be a goal set by the two companies, working together to personalize shopping experience and minimize friction throughout a number of markets including Southeast Asia. plan to enable selected items to be available for purchase in Europe and USA via Google shopping.

MuranakaRyushi, Head of Research at Shinsei Corporate Management specified ”Using Google shopping is ideal for any retailer to boost sales, it allows their products to gain further visibility and more convenience for purchasers”.

Michael Brooks, Head of Sales & Trading at Shinsei Corporate Management recently discussed the trade war saying ”it would be destructive for many US brands.” have recently been testing out a new delivery service involving drones, in order to keep logistics cost low and further their consumers. The partnership with Google will be a massive boost for the company to continue competing with rival Alibaba in the massive Chinese e-commerce market.

Tencent, also another major rival of Alibaba, has backed, involving a partnership to enhance business areas such as gaming, digital payment and social networking. Tencent is the operator of WeChat the largest social messaging platform in China. The partnership between and Tencent allows consumers to purchase from the e-commerce company directly through WeChat.

Additionally, Walmart the USA retail giant have a partnership with for business in the grocery department. It is believed that a miniature tech supermarket in China will be created, enabling consumers to purchase items via smartphones. The items will be available through a virtual store on an online platform linked with

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