Setting a New Ecology for Digital Asset Circulation: AZEX’s Debut at World Blockchain Forum

SINGAPORE- “World Blockchain Forum (WBF)”, a top class conference hailed as the “Davos Forum” in the global Blockchain community, was held in Singapore on June 8th and 9th.

With the theme “Connection, Consensus, Community”, the General Assembly and China’s most influential Blockchain community attracted organization executives, industry leaders, celebrities, experts and scholars, technology experts and major companies from countries and regions globally. The deep dive sessions of the conference, consisting of coffee interviews, deep thinking and brainstorming, were one of the highlights to foster the technical innovation and to lead the rapid development of the trending blockchain industry.

Li Weitao, the founder of the exchange platform AZEX, delivered the keynote speech. He announced that AZEX will be listing soon, offering genesis super nodes globally from Singapore and “building a new ecology for digital asset circulation”. It aims to provide a more comprehensive and innovative solution for the current marketplace.

This, drew great attention on site, especially from Mr. Zhao Haiyang, the co-founder and CEO of Perpetual Balance Capital, who expressed his interest and support on AZEX.

“The genesis super node offering will be the first spotlight of AZEX. It is named after the first block of Blockchain, which is called ‘genesis block’. Based on this concept, genesis super nodes, first released by AZEX, will make contributions to boost and build a new ecology for digital asset circulation and become the significant eco-partner of AZEX. In addition, AZEX focuses on building community nodes, which will involve deep project reviews. During these reviews, the decentralized management makes our development of AZEX community healthier and sustainable,” said Mr. Li.

Mr. Li was the co-founder of Ripple China and Dianpayer, the early participant of BitAngelsClub. He is now the founder of AZEX, with abundant experience in operation management, planning and product developing. He believes in the idea that operators should provide users with the best and fastest exchange platform by decentralized decision-making and list post projects fairly and impartially for products of better quality.

The whole AZEX team has over 4 years in exchange operations experience. In the security field, both risk control system when users log in and risk control system of real time trading have gone through complex tests of consecutive 35,532 hours and management of online and offline wallets with seven layers of insolation.

At the conference, Li Weitao, the founder of AZEX, displayed the operation interface, “professional K line graph”, “my balance” and “user’s center”, to the audience. By the time of listing, “web client” and “app client” will also be released to public. Meanwhile, a professional review committee is also set up. As a global digital exchange, AZEX was founded in Singapore with many operation hubs in the U.S., Japan, Canada and South Korea.

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