Seismik Technology Company Limited Reveals New Approach for Processing Seismic Data

This week’s oil rise past $80 a barrel was big news, but it’s really part of a much ‎bigger saga. Events around new technologies in the oil and natural gas sectors are combining ‎to create huge economic change over the next few years. ‎

Seismik Technology Company Limited today has presented a new method for predicting the ‎detailed structure of deep oil reservoirs ahead of the tunnel face.

Zhang Lu, who is the director of research and development at Seismik Technology Company Limited, said, “Prices are often outside the producer’s control, so cost ‎reduction is the place to concentrate their efforts. With much of easily discoverable oil reserves already exploited, and growing costs of ‎exploration, new drilling ‎techniques and other technologies are promised to bring oil and gas ‎production costs significantly lower.”‎

Seismik Technology Company Limited says the ‎technique enables miners to image seismic data at unprecedented resolution, which opens ‎new possibilities in the increasingly challenging search for new reserves.‎

The new method is applied to parameters collected by seismic reflection surveys, ‎with the sources and sensors placed along the tunnel. ‎

The paper describes a method that enables processing ‎applications within the oil and gas sector to calculate an average value ‎of the wave velocity, as well as indicating the discontinuities for each source point.‎

Building on full waveform inversion, the procedures help analyze and plot the ‎number of superposing estimates for each node of the domain. Ultimately, the ‎conclusions can be explained as the probability to detect a discontinuity at a certain ‎distance from the tunnel face. ‎

So, following that logic, the method automatically highlights the tops in the seismograms that may have ‎caused a reflection. On the base of this process, it integrates more ‎elaborate additional information to better constrain the results.‎

The results indicate that Seismik Technology Company Limited ‎methods runs very fast and it is reliable in the identification of lithological changes ‎and discontinuities; energy ‎production processes that are coming online in the oil patch are getting ready to increase substantially.

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