Secrets to Negotiating a Good Salary

It is a well-known secret in the recruitment world that an employer will not offer a candidate the best possible salary during the initial stages of recruitment because recruiters gets points for saving the company’s resources and hiring skilled staff at lower costs. So, as a candidate, it’s your responsibility to take the matters into your own hand and negotiate a good salary if you want your skills to be rightly judged. Need help? Have a look at some v mentioned right here and get started.

  • Research Beforehand

The first thing you need to do as soon as you get an interview call from a company is to do thorough research on the internet and know what salary is being paid by the company to other employees who are working in the same designation you are applying for.

If such precise information is not available, get a general idea of salary according to your country currency and your designation.

  • Show Your Skills First

Before you think about the salary part, you need to ensure that the employer is impressed by the skills. Do your best during the interview process, overdeliver as much as possible and do a sample if possible to see them what they will be getting from you. When they have an idea about your skills and abilities, it is likely they would want to hire you at any cost!

  • Prove You are a Good Fit

Once you are sure that you have cleared the technical rounds, you should talk about the company culture and organizational structure with the HR people. It will help them to see that you really want to fit into the new job and atmosphere and your worth will enhance further.

  • Give a Number

This one is the most valuable one among secrets to negotiating a good salary. Before the recruiter can throw a number at you, you should be quick and share the amount you want to get from the prospective employer. It is likely that you will need to negotiate on it further and won’t get the exact amount but laying out your expectations is the best way to go.

  • Don’t Say “Yes” too Soon

Even if you are getting your dream job and like the salary that is being offered, you should never say yes to the job instantly. It is always smart to say that you will let them know in a few days and then come back with a slightly higher salary figure. If the employer really wants you, they will not have any qualms in agreeing to your demand.

  • JealousyWorks

Another of the secrets to negotiating a good salary is to ensure that you make the employer jealous by talking about any other offer you have received. Just make sure that you sound enthusiastic about all the offers rather than being egoistic about it.

  • Lay Down Your Expectations

It is also highly suggested that you lay down your expectations from the job about salary, benefits freedom, the flexibility of work, etc. This will ensure that the organization can decide whether you are worth the money it costs them or not.

  • Talk About the Extras

In case you are getting a dream job, but the company can’t offer you the salary that you think you deserve then you should negotiate extras like work from home option, insurance, education and other skill training the company can offer.

We hope that you like our secrets to negotiating a good salary and will use them the next time you apply for a job.

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