SALESFORCE.COM INTRODUCES SALESFORCE1 FOR FINANCIAL SERVICES (NYSE:CRM), the world’s #1 CRM platform announced Salesforce1 for Financial Services, transforming the way retail banks, wealth management companies and insurance providers attract, connect with and retain customers. The first solution for Salesforce1 for Financial Services includes a new lead and referral engine for retail banking to automate the process of identifying and nurturing customers across every interaction.

Comments on the News

●  “Banks today are realising they need to go well beyond four walls and a vault,” said Vivek Kundra, executive vice president of industries,  “Salesforce1 for Financial Services empowers companies to create 1:1 interactions anytime, anywhere and on any device, building enduring personal relationships.”

●  “With Salesforce1 for Financial Services, employees have real-time access to client histories and account summaries – all through our mobile devices. This has enabled us to provide faster, more personalised service to our customers,” said James Slocum, CIO, OneUnited Bank.

●  “Banks are in a challenging position. They must adapt quickly to fast-changing markets to meet the needs of their customers and replace lost income, while also reacting to the continued regulatory pressure,” said John Peto, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP. “We developed a cloud application that can increase sales effectiveness, onboarding and collaboration across lines of business and departments within banks – using the Salesforce1 Platform.”

Salesforce1 for Financial Services

SALESFORCE.COM Introduces SALESFORCE1 For Financial Services
SALESFORCE.COM Introduces SALESFORCE1 For Financial Services

Financial services companies are facing rising pressure as customer’s expectations change. Customers are increasingly buying services from more than one financial institution, and 26 percent of customers are thinking of switching their primary banks because of slow responses, impersonal experiences and disconnected products (according to a 2013 CG42 Retail Banking Brand Vulnerability Study). In this new world of social and mobile applications, customers are demanding financial institutions keep pace by participating in real-time customer service engagement and developing a 1:1 relationship with each customer.

With Salesforce1 for Financial Services, is delivering innovative solutions to address specific industry problems by growing a team of industry experts, developing an ecosystem of partners and creating transformational solutions that leverage the power of the trusted Salesforce1 Platform. Now retail banks, wealth management companies and insurance providers can build lasting relationships with customers by creating the connected experience that every customer expects.

Lead and Referral Engine for Retail Banking

The lead and referral engine for retail banking automates the process of identifying and nurturing prospective clients across every interaction with customer service reps, lenders, bank officers and sales and marketing teams. Leads across any channel including social, mobile and web are captured automatically and tracked, which gives retail banks a single view of all prospective customers.

Through the lead and referral engine, banks now have the tools to build 1:1 relationships with customers by understanding their unique needs and delivering them the right solutions at the right time.

Deloitte and nCino join the Salesforce1 for Financial Services Ecosystem

Leveraging the innovative Salesforce1 Platform, ISVs and SI partners are building new industry-specific technologies that help financial services companies to manage their business in the cloud and leverage the power of social, mobile and connected apps.

Deloitte has introduced BankApp, a banking CRM accelerator built on the Salesforce1 Platform. BankApp, with its onboarding and origination offering, helps Deloitte’s clients in their efforts to improve customer experience, increase branch productivity and drive efficiency across business units.

nCino is delivering a comprehensive, end-to-end cloud based ERP system for banks with its Bank Operating System for Salesforce1. The new solution, built on the Salesforce1 Platform, sits alongside a bank’s core system and replaces existing point solutions and manual processes to help drive increased profitability, productivity gains, regulatory compliance and operating transparency across the entire organisation and all lines of business.

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