REX to Build Three Homes for Displaced Families in Colombia

Real Estate company’s mission aspires to transform the lives of families via the gift of a new home

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif- REX Real Estate, the digital alternative to the residential real estate agent, today announced the plans to build three new homes for displaced families in Mirador de Corinto, a commune of Soacha, near Bogotá, Colombia.

The company’s social mission is to provide homes for families in dire need — for every 50 homes sold through the platform, REX pledges to build one in a Third World country.

“A new home can make a world of difference for families trying to overcome poverty,” said REX Co-Founder and CEO, Jack Ryan. “REX was founded to address the issue of global homelessness and economic inequality, primarily centered on how it affects children.”

Many of the families living in the slums of the southern district of Bogotá are victims of displacement resulting from the country’s long lasting civil war. Life is extremely difficult and they struggle to keep roofs over their heads. The homes REX provides are constructed from steel and are estimated to last more than 20 years with regular maintenance. By building stable homes, REX is helping families in this area to provide their children with a more peaceful and safe environment in which to go to school and continue their education.

REX is the only full-service real estate company that is using AI, big data, and machine learning to sidestep the multiple listings service (MLS) and charge a 2% total fee — putting an average of $25,000 back into the pockets of home sellers. For this initiative, REX partners with World Housing and to date, has provided three such homes for families in Cambodia – the homes being built by on-the-ground partner, TECHO, in Colombia this month bring REX’s total to six.

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