Carolyn Sweeney brings 20 years of world-leading financial services expertise to lead expansion efforts for the Europe based dispute and chargeback authority, ‘The Chargeback Company’, a division of Global Risk Technologies. 

Carolyn Sweeney
Carolyn Sweeney

The Chargeback Company™, known as Chargebacks911® in the United States, announced a significant new hire today, appointing Carolyn Sweeney as Director of Global Business Development for the internationally-renowned chargeback and dispute resolution and remediation company. 

A renowned subject matter expert in chargeback management, Sweeney was formerly Vice President of Global Chargeback Operations for Mastercard, where she joined from Lloyds Bank, and has spent 20 years mastering end-to-end chargeback management, dispute resolution, and associated consumer legislation, speaking regularly at Mastercard events.

Her industry-leading career has seen her at the forefront of the fight against chargebacks, including managing large chargeback and fraud recovery operations, as well as overseeing cardholder and merchant relationships for credit and debit dispute-related operations.


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Sweeney is known and respected by merchants around the globe as the go-to fountain of knowledge for solving chargeback and compliance related problems, built on a hugely successful career in developing payment solutions.

Monica Eaton-Cardone, Managing Director of The Chargeback Company, said: “We’re absolutely thrilled to have Carolyn onboard.  Not only is she a decorated Thought Leader in payments, she is one of the most talented and brilliant minds in this space!  Her passion for simple application methods and her reputation as the worldwide ‘Go-To Problem Solver’ when it comes to chargebacks fits our culture like a glove. Her experience and reputation in this sector is unmatched! Carolyn is both an industry veteran and a pioneer.” 

“Few people understand chargebacks like she does and having her onboard is testament to the vision and ambition of this company. Her natural charisma, proven leadership, and first-hand knowledge of dispute resolution for merchants and banks adds further firepower to our burgeoning team.  When it comes to resolving chargeback issues, regardless of what side of the problem you’re on; getting to the root of the issue is key. This doesn’t happen without a deep understanding of the components that interact. First-hand experience has always been a vital component for success and an integral mantra we will continue to follow. We look forward to our expansion strategies with genuine excitement and couldn’t be happier that Carolyn is onboard – exciting times ahead!”  

Carolyn Sweeney, Director of Global Business Development at The Chargeback Company, commented: “It’s fantastic to be in a place where the entire focus is on addressing the pain of disputes and chargebacks on the marketplace—for all the parties involved—and where total expertise exists. This is a unique offering and I’m delighted to be here.” 

The frequency of chargeback issuances is continuing to grow at an alarming rate of 20 percent every year, compared to transaction growth of just seven percent in the same period. With overall loss of fraud and chargebacks reaching a massive £80 billion, Sweeney will play a key role in helping organisations tackle the issue with sustainable solutions at this crucial time.