RAM Tracking launches 3G live-streaming dash cam for fleet vehicles

Over the last 5 years, the adoption of dash cams has grown steadily with businesses seeing the benefit of their fleet vehicles journeys being recorded. Business dash cams (short for dashboard cameras) not only allow fleet managers to record and review driving behaviour, but they have proved invaluable for reducing insurance premiums and helping resolve accident blame disputes. However, much of the dash cams installed in fleet vehicles tend to be consumer-designed products.

In light of this, the “RAM Live” dash cam is one of the first live streaming dash cams designed specifically for business use.

Chris McClellan, CEO of the Leeds-based vehicle tracking company, explained the issue with consumer dash cams for business use;

“Whilst consumer dash cams record high quality video, they often don’t do enough for fleet managers. Footage can be deleted easily and obtaining footage requires manually downloading. If you’re a fleet manager of a thousand vehicles this task simply isn’t realistic.”

“Our RAM Live dash cam is one of the only dash cam systems designed especially for businesses in this situation. Not only do we record in a crisp 1920 x 1080 Full-HD resolution, but each camera is fitted with 3g connectivity. This allows every dash cam to live-stream the footage back to our online web app, where fleet managers can view everything the driver sees – live.”

RAM Tracking’s innovative live-streaming dash cam is the product of months of careful design and development to deliver a first-in-class piece of technology. The RAM Live system isn’t just a dash cam, it also provides access to a secure online platform where users can login and view historic and live footage (as well as vehicle GPS location) for any vehicle.

Reduced insurance premiums

Other features include an intelligent Impact Alert System, that activates if the dash cam senses a collision or impact to the vehicle. RAM Live can be set-up so that it immediately notifies your fleet manager, HR department and even your insurance broker, so they can review the situation via a live stream. This provides businesses with the confidence that they can instantly provide their insurance company with the evidence they need for FNOL (First Notification of Loss).

Safety benefits for driver and vehicle

Driver safety was also a significant motivator for creating RAM Live. McClellan explained that “enhanced technology such as the automatic detection system was something that we wanted to offer from day one. Our RAM Live dash cam can detect unusual driving behaviour just from the footage and immediately notify the fleet manager via email”.

RAM Tracking hope that this driver safety system will not only save fleet vehicles from damage but also save lives (especially as recent studies from THINK! show 40% of sleep-related accidents involve commercial vehicles).

The RAM Live dash cam is available to both new and existing customers of RAM Tracking. You can find more information about this product and its benefits on RAM Tracking’s RAM Live website page.

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