Pyramid Computer GmbH announced it will be showcasing a new 46” polytouch self-service table for retail banking environments alongside new polytouch multi-touch terminals equipped with switchable privacy filter technology on Stand 8-H270 at ISE 2014, Amsterdam RAI, 4-6 February. The technology sets new standards in retail banking security by enabling normal touch screens to be modified into PIN Pads that allow a standard (public) viewing mode with no obstruction at all, and a privacy mode in which only one user standing in front of the screen can see the confidential information.

Pyramid equips polytouch terminals with switchable privacy at ise 2014
Pyramid equips polytouch terminals with switchable privacy at ise 2014

“We are seeing a lot of demand for this type of application, especially in the banking sector where security is of utmost importance,” said Christian Jeske, Marketing Director, Pyramid Computer. “By adding this switchable privacy functionality to the polytouch offering banks and consumers can rest assured that confidential on-screen data is kept private in customer-facing environments.”

Pyramid will also be showing a range of models from its polytouch family, including the popular polytouch 22 and 32 CLASSIC multi-touch terminals and polytouch 22000 POS and 32000 POS systems.

polytouch 22 and 32 CLASSIC  are equipped with modern, light-insensitive, projected capacitive technology. The terminals are capable of detecting 20 simultaneous touches at an ultra-fast 10 millisecond response time while rejecting palms resting on the screen, allowing developers to create the natural, intuitive user experience common to smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, owing to the high precision touch capability, integrated hardware (Intel Core i7-3770S) and vPro remote management, both systems are perfectly suited to replicate popular business processes with high customer satisfaction.

The displays are full HD with an anti-glare coating and share a stylish design with standard pedestal, “Elegance”, wall-mount or built-in mounting options to suit different application environments, including room service check-in/check-out, access control, employee self-service, tourist and city information, product promotion and interactive advertising.  They are compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8 as well as Linux. On the polytouch 22 CLASSIC an optional QR-code/barcode scanner and camera are available. The same applies to the polytouch 32 CLASSIC, along with an optional discrete AMD FirePro graphics card (for demanding 3D applications).

polytouch 22000 POS and 32000 POS connect to the web to facilitate multi-channel strategies such as cross-selling, product promotion applications and social network integration. Using the patent pending Quick Mounting System (QMS), a range of polytouch extension modules can be added either side of the main display as and when a specific functionality is required. This enables retailers to keep up to date with the latest standards and processes. All POS models are now equipped with a receipt printer that can operate at three times the regular print speed. polytouch units have also been developed with a built-in VeriFone PCI/EMV-approved chip and PIN payment terminal as well as integrated near field communication (NFC) payment for cashless payments.

Visit Stand 8-H270 at ISE 2014 or go to for more information.

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