Privacy Awareness Academy Announces New Automotive Industry Privacy Training Platform

The Privacy Awareness Academy, an emerging leader in web-based cyber-awareness and privacy compliance training, today announced their partnership with LightspeedVT, a leader in interactive virtual training systems for organizations of any size.

“Our privacy protection insights, delivered on LightspeedVT’s mobile and desktop interactive platform will easily enable auto dealers, dealer associations, lenders, vendors and OEM’s to fortify their own human firewall and do it more effectively and efficiently,” said Dale Penn, Privacy Awareness Academy President. “The automotive industry has discovered that generic Learning Management Systems alone can’t produce desired results when training end-users in privacy awareness and cybersecurity hygiene.”

Penn cites a recent IBM study which revealed that 95% of all privacy incidents are caused by human error. The Academy’s cloud-based, interactive content helps organizations identity, isolate and eliminate looming privacy threats in order to protect their data, their reputation and their bottom line.

The Privacy Awareness Academy’s award-winning content delivers easily digestible learning modules that engage employees with actionable guidance that will fortify the human firewall. The threat landscape includes every employee because anyone can expose the entire enterprise to cyber-risk no matter what their job function (Management, Sales, F&I, Business Office, Fixed Ops.)

The LightspeedVT interface has trained thousands of learners worldwide for nearly 20 years. Partnered with LightspeedVT, the Privacy Awareness Academy will reduce the cost, complexity and confusion of training, testing and certifying every learner who completes the course.