In just three short years, Principle Transport Group ( has established a reputation for excellence in the transportation and logistics industry. Founded in 2012 by Sheila Ann Jackson ( and George Mercer, the company provides tailored solutions for enterprise clients, small businesses and everything in between. Recently, PTG has been certified as a National Women’s Business Enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council – an accolade that sets the company apart in the transport industry.

Principle Transport Group
Principle Transport Group

The PTG team has demonstrated that female leadership in a predominantly male business affords unique value and perspective in an industry that hasn’t always embraced innovative practices. Jackson and her leadership team have emphasized relationships and teamwork as building blocks for growth, while also maintaining a commitment to core values.

“Great services begins with great people,” explains Jackson, “and everyone at Principle Transport Group has taken ownership of their responsibilities and showcased their passion for doing things right. By putting the best team in place and leveraging our shared experience and expertise, we’ve witnessed success right out of the gate.”

Even before founding PTG, Jackson had earned esteem as one of the country’s top female entrepreneurs. She continues to provide executive coaching and motivational speaking as part of communicating her vision to the broader business leadership community. Proactive, guided decision-making and measurable, repeatable results are at the heart of Jackson’s philosophy of servant leadership.

In 2014, Great West Casualty Group awarded PTG the Platinum National Safety Award. A testament to PTG’s high safety standards, the award distinguishes the company among its peers. Prospective clients can rest assured that the company’s policies and practices are geared toward limiting risk and liability, making for a cost-effective solution.

PTG has created a collaborative, responsive network of national carriers and agents. The company’s mission is to offer expertly managed transportation services to meet any need or challenge. As an asset-based carrier, PTG operates everything from flatbeds to specialized heavy haulers, while also providing a single, direct point of contact throughout transit.

PTG has cultivated a select network of highly reputable agents as part of connecting the right people with the right opportunities. Meanwhile, the company’s logistics division maintains mutually beneficial relationships with many of the nation’s top carriers. Together with PTG’s experienced and dedicated team, this network will empower sustainable growth and ongoing high standards.

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