BARC’s THE Planning Survey 16 details BI/CPM specialist’s leadership across key areas such as business benefits, customer satisfaction, flexibility, implementer support and self-service

Prevero, the specialist European provider of Business Intelligence (BI) and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions, has ranked 1st in 13 categories in the world’s largest survey of planning software users. BARC’s THE Planning Survey 16 recently provided a detailed evaluation of 13 different planning tools, and was completed by some 1,245 global users.

To ensure optimal comparability, the products were subdivided into a range of peer groups, with prevero assigned to the “Performance management specialists”, “Flexible planning solutions”, and “DACH focused vendors” categories. In these groups, prevero was ranked first in a total of 13 categories including Business Benefits, Implementation Partner Support, Customer Satisfaction, Flexibility, Agility, Integrated Planning and Self-Service. In addition to the 13 top rankings, the company was also categorised as “Leading” in 15 further categories including Product Satisfaction and Recommendation.

Alexander Springer, co-founder and CEO of prevero, commented: “we are delighted that our customers took part in the world’s largest survey of planning software users, and gave us such outstanding evaluations. The scores we received in the Business Benefits, Customer Satisfaction and Implementation Partner Support categories make us particularly proud, and clearly demonstrate prevero’s success in placing the needs of our customers at the heart of our BI and CPM proposition.”

BARC’s THE Planning Survey 16 is based on the world’s largest survey among planning software users. Approximately 55% of all participants work in companies with 100 to 2,500 employees.

The prevero 360° platform offers a comprehensive CPM environment with a set of well-founded business applications for all areas of strategic and operative business management. These areas include project performance management, strategic controlling, risk management, consolidation, integrated profit and financial planning, as well as sector-specific management. prevero also provides special data models for energy providers, airports and sports clubs customised for the particular requirements of the respective sectors.