Polymatica Launches in EMEA – bringing real-time, large-scale data analysis within reach of citizen data scientists 

Analytics engine is engineered to be used by citizen data scientists and trained data professionals alike 

Polymatica, a next-generation business intelligence and data science company, today announced that it has launched its analytics engine in EMEA. With experience of providing business intelligence and analytics to organisations such as Rosneft, Mary Kay and BiN Bank, Polymatica’s technology is built to put the control of data into the hands of citizen data scientists. Its analytics engine and front-end analysis and predictive tools are designed to give business functions immediate insight from data, freeing up data science teams to focus on more advanced analytics and modelling. Using a GPU-based architecture, the Polymatica analytics engine can run real-time queries on large-scale, varied datasets more than 50 times faster than the nearest competing solutions. Organisations can therefore process and analyse data as soon as it’s received, in whichever way they need – without needing acres of IT real estate to generate the necessary processing power.

“Data is the new oil – but just like oil, too often we waste it; either by discarding the resources at our disposal, or by not using them intelligently,” said Mark Hinds, CEO, Polymatica. “Data has an almost infinite number of applications – as long as it can be brought to where it’s needed, when it’s needed. Our aim at Polymatica is to turn data into a resource that can be used by the people who need it, at the time they need it – whether they are data scientists, line-of-business workers or C-Level individuals. For this reason, we have made our technology as effective, agile and easily accessible as possible – so users can let the story data is telling them be at the core of strategy and planning sessions. Even a few minutes’ delay can see people abandon a question, and ultimately rely on gut instinct instead of hard data. Instead, we can ensure data is central to decision making, and is available at the speed the modern business needs.”

Since any delay in reacting to industry pressures or implementing strategy can be critical to businesses, Polymatica’s technology is designed to make the process of analytics as fast as possible. While operating off a CPU base provides faster performance than competing solutions, the ability to use a GPU backend means businesses can access truly real-time analytics. Retailers can leverage embedded algorithms to do the analysis for them, allowing them to make decisions on-the-fly that inform targeted and personalised customer engagements. Similarly, financial institutions looking to create opportunities from the UK’s open banking reforms can automatically and continuously analyse customer data in real time to identify new product opportunities – whether at the board or branch level.

As part of its launch, Polymatica will also be targeting the EMEA channel, allowing prospective partners to take advantage of new revenue streams; from offering the technology to empower citizen data analysts, to providing analytics-as-a-service, to utilising AI to anticipate and automate common analytical tasks.

“We are on the cusp of a second revolution in data – not only in the information we can extract, but in our understanding of how widely we can use it,” continued Mark. “Vital to this revolution will be  enabling subject experts in an organisation to use and explore data freely and easily, regardless of formal data training. The more organisations can empower citizen data scientists, the more agile, adaptable, and more successful they will be.”

Polymatica’s founder, Roman Raevsky, is speaking on Polymatica’s technology and the next evolution in data analysis at NVIDIA GTC 2018 in San Jose, California from March 26th to 29th. For more information on Polymatica, please visit https://polymatica.com/.

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