Pigzbe – the piggy wallet powered by cryptocurrency nears ICO

A revolutionary new way to send money between families, created by Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur Filippo Yacob and utilising a new cryptocurrency – Wollo (WLO) – will launch this month with an ICO also on the horizon.

Yacob, the man behind coding toy Cubetto, has created the Pigzbe piggy wallet, which pairs a physical device with an app to turn gifting and saving into a game. 

The technology allows families to transfer as little as one cent (or equivalent) between one another globally, and within seconds, making transactions completely borderless. This is impossible using traditional financial systems and has only been made possible through blockchain technology.

Pigzbe is powered by family-friendly cryptocurrency Wollo (WLO), which has been created on the Stellar (XML) network, making Pigzbe one of the first blockchain systems with truly mainstream appeal. 

Pre-sales will be live on pigzbe.com from 25th April and its ICO will run for one week from 11 June 2018 until 18 June 2018. 

The team behind WLO include some of the most recognised global names in design, gaming, crypto, finance and technology. As a composite, the senior team have experience from among the most innovative and successful companies in the world including Apple, IBM and NASA.

CEO and founder Yacobis also the creator of Cubetto, the most heavily crowd-funded ed-tech project in Kickstarter’s history ($1.6m). Pigzbe’s Head of Product is Jon Marshall, of Kano renown and it has Yannick Naud (Bank Audi Suisse and AMR) as a special economic advisor.

In creating a game kids will love, Pigzbe has Ian McGregor as lead software developer, who has experience with the likes of Pokemon Go, Nike and Google and Matt Brown as Design Interaction Lead, who spent five years in the experimental interface design department at Apple in Cupertino.

The PigzbeWhite Paper sets out the economic model proposed for Pigzbe, whereby a finite number of public tokens are issued via pre-sale/ICO and within the Pigzbe piggy wallets themselves. These can be spent via an associated payment card (via instant trade to fiat currency through a partnered exchange) and these same coins bought by family members via these same exchanges. The lack of new token creation will prevent inflation. 

In its projections, Pigzbe is targeting 1m units in circulation within three years.

Filippo Yacob, CEO, said:

“In 2013 I couldn’t find an adequate coding toy for my son, so I created my own and built a global multimillion dollar business around it. I’m doing the same with Pigzbe, and I know other parents feel the same as way I do.

Families have throughout history acted as micro-financing networks amongst each other, however oddly, money has not seemed to have evolved with them. In developing Pigzbe, we have the modern, globalised family in mind, and want to completely unlock their potential as micro-financing networks. 

“There’s a lot to be said of the potential of blockchain technology. We’re taking best-of-breed knowledge in this area and marrying it with beautiful design and a faultless economic model. It’s a first for the industry and a move we hope will capture the crypto community’s imagination.”

 Yannick Naud, Economics Advisor, added:

“When it comes to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, we’re at the tip of the iceberg in terms of potential. Pigzbe wouldn’t be possible without the benefits that come with a utility token – almost instant transfer at negligible cost – all held safely on the blockchain and self-managing. We’re confident that anyone who has faith in this technology will see Pigzbe as a natural fit for crypto use, and that the people involved will ensure this exciting project is a huge success.

For investment updates, join the Telegram group at https://t.me/PigzbeICO

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