Personal Finance App Empower Launches Cryptocurrency Exchange Integration

Today, Empower, the 24/7 online personal financial assistant, announced a cryptocurrency exchange integration with Coinbase, Bittrex, Binance and Kraken. Empower users will now be able to view all investments – both cryptocurrency and traditional – in real-time under one platform.

Empower is the only app allowing users to view their cryptocurrency portfolio performance alongside banking and other investment accounts for free. In less than five minutes, crypto exchanges connect to Empower allowing users to easily access their banking and investment information under one secure platform.

“Empower was created to bring all your finances under one app and help you better understand your money and build wealth. The next emerging asset class is cryptocurrency, and our users need to be able to monitor and manage their crypto accounts alongside more traditional finances to make informed decisions at all times,” said Warren Hogarth, CEO of Empower.

To help make the most educated decisions about cryptocurrencies, your finances or credit, Empower users have access to expert human coaches who are available in less than two taps on the app to answer questions while also providing personal finance tips and suggestions.

Empower will also introduce the first cryptocurrency leaderboard that showcases users performance and rankings amongst others in the Empower crypto community. The platform will anonymize, aggregate and share insights about what it takes to be a crypto investor by including tips on what coins are in the portfolio of top investors and what they’ve been buying and selling.

Users can connect crypto exchanges to the Empower platform, view live crypto performance and track coins and tokens right from the app without ever having to manually enter a transaction again.

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