Orege ramps up its development in the US: Mullins Cheese Inc. orders an SLG® solution for dewatering its industrial sludge

Orege announces the sale of an SLG® solution to Mullins Cheese Inc. (Mullins) for around $300,000. This solution, which will be delivered this summer, is Orege’s first contract in the agrifood sector.

Deployed upstream of a screw press, the SLG® solution will enable Mullins to improve the dewatering performance of its sludge treatment line, significantly reducing the quantity of sludge for disposal.

Located in Mosinee, in the US state of Wisconsin, Mullins is one of the region’s leading cheese producers, processing around 3.5 million liters of milk each day. Mullins is a very innovative company that is actively committed to protecting the environment and constantly working to reduce the quantity of waste produced by the plant.

Mullins has chosen the SLG® solution not only to reduce its sludge transport and disposal costs, but also to be able to increase its production capacity, while maintaining the volume of sludge for disposal within the regulatory limits in force.

With this contract, Orege is highlighting its SLG® solution’s capacity to create value through sludge treatment supporting the circular economy.

Once this project has been delivered, it is expected to be a springboard for Orege’s development in the agrifood sector in the US and the company’s other target countries.

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