New solutions to enable digitization of corporate banking 

Oracle today announced the launch of two new solutions: Oracle Banking Liquidity Management and Oracle Banking Corporate Lending. These offerings are designed to meet the needs of banks looking to provide real-time, multi-currency, cross border, multi-entity banking services while maintaining high fidelity insight and multi-jurisdictional compliance.

“The constraints of geographies, currencies, time-zones, cash and credit have lesser relevance in the world of digital corporates,” said Chet Kamat, senior vice president, Oracle Financial Services “With the shift towards digital it is critical that banks transform to cater to the emerging needs of their corporate customers. It is in this context that we have developed next generation liquidity and corporate credit solutions. We abstracted our experience of working across more than 140 countries, transforming the business of some of the largest corporate banks globally, to bring together functionalities that enable our customers to be leaders in the corporate banking space”

With the launch of Oracle Banking Corporate Lending, Oracle now offers banks a full spectrum of assets to enable a performance-driven corporate credit business. The solution supports the entire credit lifecycle from customer onboarding to credit management and loan processing. Banks can now structure profitable financing deals, lower credit riskand embed optimized credit support at every stage of the customer’s business.

Oracle Banking Liquidity Management helps banks adopt techniques such as multi-level sweeping and pooling, interest optimization and reallocations, across currencies, geographies and customer entities.

Oracle is committed to the global banking sector and with the addition of these innovative technologies to an already extensive cadre of offerings banks may rest assured that their customers will be even more efficient. Oracle’s new corporate banking offerings are another step toward financial excellence in a globalized economy while ensuring that banks remain a valued partner to their corporate customers. 

Additional Information

Oracle’s solutions for corporate banking include Oracle Banking Liquidity Management, Oracle Banking Corporate Lending, Oracle FLEXCUBE, Oracle FLEXCUBE Enterprise Limits and Collateral Management, Oracle Revenue Management and Billing, Oracle Banking Digital Experience and Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications.