OpsCheck announces several new enhancements that further cements it’s standing as the solution to the antiquated way financial firms manage business operations. OpsCheck is a cloud-based application that creates a central hub for operational control and oversight. Alternative and traditional asset managers, family offices, fund administrators, RIA’s, allocators and other financial firms are all using OpsCheck to transform their operations.

Launched in April 2015, OpsCheck has become the leading task tracking and project management tool that can easily adapt to client workflows. OpsCheck’s clients include global leaders as well as smaller firms and startups. OpsCheck strengthens the entire operational infrastructure by ensuring all jobs are completed, making everyone accountable and providing superior oversight. New features include:

  • API- application programming interface: connect to other applications, such as Advent Geneva, Salesforce and Eze Castle.
  • Task-Q: Enhanced Reminders: initiate tasks via email to OpsCheck from anywhere. Protect against any great idea slipping through the cracks, or any required job not being executed. OpsCheck will convert the email to a task and put it in the right queue, automatically driving the right person to take action.
  • Saved Views: save customized views using OpsCheck’s extensive filters and auto-shift date ranges (week-to-date, month-to-date, etc.).
  • As of Date: mark any job indicating a prior time period it relates to. (“as of” last month-end, “as of” last quarter-end, etc.).
  • Multi-Dimensional Categories: associate any task to multiple tags. This provides powerful abilities to retrieve, sort and pivot your views. (ex: display all tasks that transcend across various departments that relate to month-end NAV).

“OpsCheck continues to deliver the most flexible operations control and oversight tool available today,” said Frank Caccio, Managing Partner of OpsCheck. “Our goal is to always deliver great value to our clients, be exceptionally responsive, and protect them from operational failures. We are thrilled to roll out these powerful new features which further differentiatesOpsCheck from any other application.”

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