Initial results show platform increases efficiency by 63% across the board

Odem Global, Inc. announces the release of a new platform that helps improve workflow, communication, media efficiency, and monitors real time market activity without the need for specialized training or paid support. Odem’s new solution is the first to integrate all marketing channels in one easy-to-use place at an accessible price point for organizations of all sizes. With this new release, Odem opens the door to on-demand, scalable tools, data, and expertise normally reserved for large budgets.

“The marketing industry has been stuck in the same stale model of agency consolidation for about thirty years, which was glorified – and rightfully so because it was right for the time – by the 1960’s ‘Mad Men’ era that pre-dated modern technology,” said Founder and CEO of Odem Global, Frank O’Brien. “This type of technology for marketing is long overdue and we are proud to bring scalable, effective marketing to the masses focusing on results that matter.”

The platform has deep integrations including the ability to connect point of sale data to one-to-one marketing activity, personalizing direct communication, location based reminders based on specific communication or product usage, and end-to-end control of marketing communications from planning to analysis.

Subscribers also have the ability to integrate online and offline activity data enabling consumer targeting based on previous communications received. These user-features change how marketers and salespeople can target specific demographics and interests across any marketing channel.

“With our beta release in July of 2015, we were really testing the market. Was there a need? Was the response viable for us to rollout a turnkey offering? The answer was a resounding ‘yes’,” continued O’Brien. “The words we kept hearing over and over again were ‘wow’ and ‘impressive.’ Phrases like ‘easy to use,’ ‘the system is seamless,’ ‘agency in a box,’ and not surprising ‘you’re going to ruffle some feathers’ was mentioned a few times.”

Odem is rolling out the offering in the month of March across three core monthly subscription packages: Startup, Growth, and Enterprise. At the Startup level, subscribers are able to access the platform at a subscription rate much lower than most single solution platforms on the market. Additional services are available on-demand or on an a la carte “pay as you need” basis. At the Growth level, the monthly subscription is built around a more robust core set of monthly deliverables which can include content, design, promotional strategies, or media placements. Enterprise subscribers unlock access to custom data integrations, Odem team support, and platform customization. There is also an Enterprise-plus option available for larger brands and agencies looking for on-site hosting of data and white labeling.