deVere Group has released a video on its YouTube channel which outlines how and why its chief executive, Nigel Green, founded the company and how he runs day-to-day what is now one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory organisations.

The deVere Group spokesperson comments: “The 15-minute video offers a behind-the-scenes look at deVere, which today operates in 100 countries and has $10bn under advice, and an insight into the personality, thought processes, and modus operandi of the man who built a hugely successful global financial services brand from scratch within 12 years.

“The film, which features comment from key individuals within the firm, including Nigel’s son, begins with deVere Group’s Chief Operating officer, Beverley Yeomans. “As Nigel’s COO, I’m often asked, ‘what is he REALLY like?’,” she says.  The new film sets out to answer this specific question.”

Divided into chapters, it begins with ‘The Early Years’.  Here, Mr Green explains how he followed his father, a part-time Baptist preacher, into the industry at a young age, how he worked successfully in London, and then began to focus on the international financial services market, before launching deVere in 2002.

Other sections include ‘Self Discipline and Routine,’ “Where is Home?’, “Rest and Play,’ ‘Working with The Best,’ ‘Inspirational’, and ‘Enough? Or Never Enough?’

‘The Man Who Made deVere’ follows the release earlier this year of ‘A Week in The Life of Nigel Green’.  In the latter, viewers follow Mr Green, one of financial services best-known figureheads, as he visits London, where he receives an award at the London Stock Exchange and is a keynote speaker at a prestigious event, before he jets off to New York, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Shanghai on one of his regular international trips to the Group’s network of 71 offices worldwide.

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