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A new specialist IT consultancy, Cavendish Wood, has opened its doors with offices in London and the North West of England.

Established by Chris Futcher (managing director) and Kevin Knowles (managing partner), Cavendish Wood specialises in IT consultancy projects, with particular expertise in bespoke mobile enterprise app development, SAS and business intelligence consulting.

Cavendish Wood excels in providing high levels of consultancy at significant cost savings, as well as being able to translate this into clearly defined work packages that can be delivered at fixed prices, if this is what the client desires.

flag ukChris Futcher, Managing Director of Cavendish Wood, comments: “We believe there is a real need for mobile enterprise app development to take a leaf out of the consumer app design book, and put user experience at its heart. We’ve had great feedback from clients who are seeing the benefits that thoughtfully designed bespoke mobile apps can bring to the workplace and that don’t have to be expensive. As the workforce changes the way it operates, mobile apps will become more important in the portfolio of tools for workers to use.

“We also have a strong SAS and business intelligence consulting offer. Organisations often find it difficult to get the most from SAS as the business needs move on, or sometimes have trouble from a go-live date. Our consultants offer specialist design and build in SAS as well as integration into client systems. We’re also huge believers in knowledge transfer during a project, ensuring that the in-house team are able to smoothly pick up the project once an engagement ends.”

The company is already providing fixed-price engagements to clients focusing on real value, a flexible approach to resource and clear knowledge transfer at the end of an engagement. It has a mix of full time employees and a wider associate network it can draw on directly for client engagements.

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