PANALITIX, the global business advisory software and content specialists for accounting firms, announced today the introduction of ELEVATE; an automated content marketing tool that helps solve the biggest challenge facing accountants – the acquisition of new clients.

In research carried out amongst over 200 UK accountants in January 2016 by PANALITIX, the responses revealed that winning new clients is their biggest marketing priority. 64 per cent of respondees agreed that this is their focus and over half (58%) said they would like to see in excess of 10% growth of their client base in the course of 2016.

ELEVATE is designed to help achieve that growth by making it easy to reach out to prospects with regular, quality newsletters that include a video, article and case study about business improvement covering growth, profit, cashflow, and, succession or selling. It makes it effortless to grow social engagement through the sharing of links, which help to deepen client relationships and grow the referral network with a special referral button.

Crucially, it allows the accountant to differentiate the firm by adding value and because it is automated, the practice does not have to invest in additional marketing staff. This is important as the research shows that firms are broadly doing very little marketing. 16% said that they do very little or none, 16% rely on an in-house employee and 12% say that ‘admin does a bit’.

“ELEVATE is tailor made to deliver automated content marketing for the accountancy firm that does not have the resource or skills to commit to regular and informative communication with prospects, says Rob Nixon, CEO, PANALITIX.

“When shown ELEVATE, the majority said the stand out reason for using it would be to help them acquire new clients. Accountants tell us that it has the potential to have a ‘great impact’ and will help them to differentiate, sell additional services to existing clients and allow them to fulfil their role as thought-leaders. The ability to personalise this newsletter, with clients’ actual numbers, is a fantastic way to be able to show that you are different.”

“We believe accountants need to be pro-active if they want to grow their firms and ELEVATE does it all for them. They can literally cross marketing off their list of worries.”