Explore new ways for accountants and clients to connect collaborate and communicate 

Connected Accountant

A new guide entitled ‘The Connected Accountant’ is essential reading those who want to make sense of the increasingly mobile world and how it is reshaping the way in which accountants and their clients connect, collaborate, and communicate.

Written by respected accountancy, business and technology writer Lesley Meall and commissioned by software company MyFirmsApp, the largest global custom App platform in the world for accountants in practice, the guide sets out to answer some of the most fundamental questions accountants have about how best to use mobile technology to improve productivity, accessibility and profitability.

Consumers and businesses have embraced the ubiquity and utility of mobile – and the services it provides instant and effortless 24/7 access to. Smartphones and tablets have become the most popular way to browse the Internet,[1] with apps an essential part of the experience.[2]

Many firms are developing new digital capabilities, such as ‘anytime, anywhere, any device access’ and more firms are expected to follow, in response to trends in business and in government, such as global digital tax initiatives.

“The mobile revolution has opened up exciting new opportunities for the accountancy profession but the challenge is how to cope with this digital change and transformation,” comments Joel Oliver, CEO, MyFirmsApp.

“During its long history the accountancy profession has repeatedly demonstrated its capacity to adopt and adapt to changes in business practices, statutory regulations and technology. However, in the digital age, the speed of change and its’ fundamental nature can make keeping pace difficult, even for the most well-resourced and tech-savvy firm. ‘The Connected Accountant’ is designed to help accountants recognise which pieces of the new technology jigsaw might be missing in their practices and to gain a much clearer understanding of how digital technology can improve communications and win more business.”

Harnessing the power of mobile technology and having a dedicated App helps to

demonstrate that the accounting firm understands – and is responding to – client’s changing expectations around the accessibility and availability of services and support. It reinforces the position of the accountant as the most trusted adviser to businesses, by making everything connected to clients’ accounts, finance and tax, available through a single button in the client’s pocket on their Smartphone. One App, One Place in their brand.

The guide is available to download from

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