Nebulas Teams Up With Cocos to Revolutionize Gaming Through Blockchain

Nebulas, a leading public blockchain platform, and Cocos, a cross-platform, open-source free mobile game engine, have agreed to a partnership. Both projects will collaborate on a variety of endeavors and leverage their respective communities to integrate blockchain technology into the gaming sector.

Blockchain technology has managed to shake up numerous industries in the past few years. Gaming looks to be no different.

The nexus of blockchain technology and gaming is rapidly looking like a relationship with immense practical application. The new relationship between Nebulas and Cocos looks to continue this trend.
Community Cooperation

Both teams will work closely together and leverage the expertise and enthusiasm of their respective communities.

A large number of developers participated in the Nebulas Incentive Program, which saw registered users swell to more than 170,000 within two months. 2,300+ developer accounts led to more than 7,000 dApps being deployed on the mainnet.

Cocos has more than 1.1 million registered developers across the world and currently has more than 300,000 developers active each month.

Technical/Public Chain Cooperation

Through the partnership, Nebulas will provide underlying technical support and help facilitate the work of Cocos. Developers are able to build their applications on Cocos and then publish on Nebulas.

The partnership between Nebulas and Cocos will see both teams collaborate to accelerate the growth of the blockchain gaming sector.

Ecosystem Development

Cocos gives people the ability to fully produce and launch a new gaming product. Cocos is well-known for its advantages compared to other platforms, which include high compatibility, high performance, and small-sized gaming packages.

Cocos has the ability to provide a game platform to help developers in releasing DApps on Nebulas. This collaboration will greatly assist in diversifying the current content ecosystem of Nebulas.

Nebulas has enjoyed immense success with ecosystem development through their Nebulas Incentive Program, which has led to the creation of high-quality DApps like Cell Evolution and Dinosaur Paradise
Nebulas intends to create a public chain ecosystem that continually improves.

The upcoming collaboration between Nebulas and Cocos is set to accelerate the growth of the blockchain gaming field, give developers new opportunities to seamlessly conceptualize and publish dApps, and continue to give value to everyone in the greater blockchain community.

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