Only 8% of email opened on Android 

More than half of all email (54%) in the UK is opened on an Apple device, according to new data from SendGrid, the leading email delivery platformfor email that matters.

However, only 8% is opened on an Android. In fact, email open rates on Android devices dropped 30% year-on-year while total opens on iPads and iPhones increased by 18% and 5% respectively.

SendGrid Logo 2 2013Nokia also lost market share showing a drop of 68% in the number of emails opened on their phones compared to the same period in 2014.

Blackberry however showed a steady increase of 20% year-on-year perhaps due to the security offered by its email platform after the renewed interest in privacy.

SendGrid analysed millions of emails opened in a 10-day period at the start of 2015 and compared it to the same period in 2014.

France, Germany and Spain all favour Apple devices when opening emails. 47% of emails in France are opened on an Apple device, 46% in Germany and 47% in Spain. Italy, in contrast, saw a decrease of 44% year-on-year in the use of iPhones to read emails. Yet Apple products remain the most used in Italy overall with 50% of emails opened on an Apple device, including a 15% increase in the use of iPad.

The use of Blackberry has dropped in France and Germany by 38% and 48% respectively. Germany in particular has seen a decrease in all mobile devices with the only exception being the iPhone, which marked no change.

Aaron Beach, Senior Data Scientist of SendGrid, commented:

Aaron Beach
Aaron Beach

“The variety of devices people use for email tells us a lot about how different platforms are performing across the UK. While people might own a number of devices it seems that Apple is still the firm favourite, as their recent results show. Android was the surprise this year showing a marked drop on 2014, perhaps reflecting the problems of handset makers such as Samsung.”

Increase/decrease in email open rates year-on-year/by country:

Country By device By operating system
UK Blackberry:       20% Chrome OS:       91%
UK iPad:                  18% Linux:                  15%
UK iPhone:               5% Mac:                     8%
UK Android:           -30% Windows:           -4%
UK Nokia:               -68%
France Blackberry:         -38% Chrome OS:        24%
France iPad:                      15% Linux:                  -27%
France iPhone:              14% Mac:                      7%
France Android:           -18% Windows:           -7%
Germany Blackberry:      -48% Linux:                  178%
Germany iPad:                  -4% Mac:                     7%
Germany iPhone:             no change Windows:           -1%
Germany Android:           -21%
Germany Nokia:               -48%
Italy iPad:                  15% Linux:                 -86%
Italy iPhone:             -44% Mac:                   59%
Italy Android:           -26% Windows:          -5%
Spain iPad:                  -7% Linux:                  8%
Spain iPhone:             8% Mac:                   28%
Spain Android:          -16% Windows:          -6%

Editor in Chief: Wanda Rich

Editor in Chief: Wanda Rich

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