web business 1Moldindconbank is the 57-year-old financial institution that was originally set up in 1959 to channel Soviet investment into civil engineering, energy and transportation projects in what was then one of the USSR’s autonomous republics, sandwiched between Romania and Ukraine on the north-western edges of the Black Sea.

Almost immediately after Moldova emerged as an independent nation in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union, Moldindconbank acquired its current name and was reconstituted as the Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Construction; but while it has continued to play a key role in supporting Moldova’s industrial and commercial sectors ever since, it has subsequently also branched out into a much wider array of both corporate and retail banking activities.

Today, Moldindconbank is one of the country’s largest bank and also offers a full range of services to individuals, legal entities and other financial institutions alike; and by virtue of a strategy of product diversification, tight risk management practices and a concerted effort to increase margins, has been incrementally increasing its shareholder value.

Now in 2016, Moldindconbank handles 24% of the lending market, 22% of domestic savings, and a 35% of all cards issued in the domestic market.


p2p transferThe current trends show that banks want to facilitate consumer access to banking services. In Moldova, the innovator that sets the tone in providing advanced banking services is Moldindconbank. Thanks to its own processing center, IT innovations  and the right marketing strategy, the bank continually comes up with new products and services, for which it has rightfully earned the title of “Most Innovative Bank of Moldova in 2016“, given by the experts from Global Banking and Finance Review.

While offering a wide array of banking services, Moldindconbank constantly seeks to find ways to innovate and deliver better value to clients. There is a commitment to provide easy access to services, at any time of the day, 7 days a week.

  • Bank Cards

Moldindconbank provide to its customers a wide range of cards, issued under both worlds’ biggest payment systems such as MasterCard Worldwide and VISA International. Starting from Debit MasterCard, MasterCard Contactless and ending with upper class MasterCard GOLD or VISA Platinum, every Moldindconbank customer can choose a card that suits their needs in the best way.

  • Internet Banking

For many years,Moldindconbank has offered remote banking services to individual (Web banking/Mobile banking)and business (Web business/Mobile business)clients to accommodate busy lifestyles and schedules.

The banks’ online services are easy to use,with a user-friendly interface and simple connection process, without the client ever needing to leave his home or office. Also, only Web business or Mobile business from Moldindconbank, allow the executive of a company to confirm and sign payment documents,thanks to the “Mobile Signature” integrated system. 

  • P2P transfers

P2P transfer is a unique service on the market developed by Moldindconbank for card-to-card money transfers, it is available to clients via Web banking, Mobile banking or by accessing Money transfers are possible between VISA and MasterCard cards, issued by any Moldovan or foreign bank. The benefits of P2P Transfer were highly appreciated by the experts from Global Banking and Finance Review, awarding it “The Best Banking Product of Moldova in 2016”.

  • Direct Transfer

Another innovative online solution from Moldindconbank designed for facilitating the process of receiving international money transfers for individuals,securely and quickly, simply by accessing the free web site Moldindconbank clients, who were sent money through international money transfer systems,can now easily transfer them to their card or deposit account, from any place, at any time.

  • ATM Banking

Today Moldindconbank boasts the largest ATM network in the country, including majority of multifunctional Cash-in ATMs that allow clients to instantly deposit cash to their card accounts. One of the exclusive features of Moldindconbank ATMs is that clients can withdraw and supply cash, in any currency MDL, EUR or USD, regardless of card currency. Other useful and unique features of Moldindconbank Cash-in ATMs are availability of innovative services such as:

  • Cash-in Сardless–deposit cash to any bank card, without even using it, just by entering the card number.
  • Cash by Сode –an exclusive option, available only at Moldindconbank ATM’s, allows cash withdrawal,without even owning a bank card, by using a previously generated unique code.
  • Transfer P2P –allows money transfers between VISA and MasterCard cards, issued by any Moldovan or foreign bank.

Moldindconbank ATMs act as automated mini offices thanks to their many additional functions that provide clients with non-stop access to our services.This way the bank relieves its employees of routine tasks and enables them to devote their attention to clients and support their banking needs.

Today Moldindconbank is one of the leading financial institutions in the country, and with serious investments in technology it has become a pioneer in the banking sector and continuously seeks innovative ways to update the financial services market and increase the costumers’ satisfaction.

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