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Revenue leakage prevented by real time data abuse identification and predictive fraud analytics

Mobileum, the leader in analytics solutions for telecom business transformation, has today announced the launch of its Data Abuse and Fraud Analytics solution, adding to the company’s Counter Fraud Analytics portfolio. The solution addresses new scenarios of evolving data fraud such as Plan Abuse, OTT (Over the Top) Bypass, OTT Camouflage, DNS/HTTP Tunnelling, etc. and is designed to release CSPs from the inefficiencies of a rule-based era to a world of machine-based learning that tackles fraud and prevents revenue leakage in real time.

“Data fraud accounts for close to USD 14.2B in revenue loss for CSPs annually. Combined with the increased shift in traffic from voice to data networks, CSPs are facing huge challenges as existing Fraud Management Systems struggle to detect and act with the speed and accuracy needed to prevent potential revenue losses” said Bobby Srinivasan, CEO, Mobileum.

Mobileum’s Data Abuse and Fraud Analytics solution addresses the rise of illegitimate operations, which have the ability to upturn a CSP’s entire revenue model. As an example, it is now possible for an OTT (Voice over Data App) player to collude with a CSP or interconnect operator, to illegally intercept/hijack and carry legitimate voice calls over data and terminate them at the destination over an OTT app. As another example, when CSPs offer plans such as unlimited Facebook usage, an OTT app can camouflage its data traffic as Facebook, so that it does not get charged causing revenue loss to the CSP.  Mobileum’s Counter Fraud Analytics solution uses proprietary algorithms based on advanced data science techniques to proactively detect potential fraud, predict the most likely suspects and generate insights in real time for early fraud prevention, and with a guaranteed accuracy of over 95 percent.

In addition to fraud detection, Mobileum’s Counter Fraud Analytics solution optimizes network utilization by weeding out unauthorized usage and network abuse that steal precious bandwidth. All insights are then subjected to re-verification using an active testing process that eliminates false positives and low confidence suspects.

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“We designed the Data Abuse and Fraud Analytics solution in direct response to the growing data fraud detection and prevention needs of telecom operators. Our solution does not stop at detection, but includes integrated, actionable and prescriptive control of fraud and abuse, based upon a combination of dynamically auto-configured business rules and policy control. By providing a high degree of detection accuracy, Mobileum’s unique offering ensures revenue protection for the operators,” adds Bobby.

The Data Abuse and Fraud Analytics solution runs on Mobileum’s robust Counter Fraud analytics platform, which caters to a variety of Voice Fraud scenarios such as Domestic and International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF), Bypass Fraud, Roaming Fraud and is already in use by Tier-1 operators in the Americas.

Mobileum is exhibiting its Data Abuse and Fraud Analytics solution at Mobile World Congress in Hall 6, Stand 6H41, from 22-25 February 2016.

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