Millionaire Empowers Women with Best Success Secrets

Brianna Rooney, founder and CEO of, is releasing her best kept secrets in tech recruiting. Also known as The Millionaire Recruiter, Rooney has developed a training program to teach women of all backgrounds to find success for themselves. She has tackled the recruiting world and mentored others to do the same over the last 10 years.

It all started when she realized there was a huge problem with recruiting. These days, companies often have in-house recruiters, but those recruiters don’t have time to keep up-to-date on the latest interviewing and resume trends. They have no real knowledge of what currently is a good resume or even what the interview process should look like. Rooney recognized a huge disconnect between the large demand to find good talent and the minimal number of trained recruiters to find that talent.

With that reality as her catalyst, Rooney decided it was time for her to give back to an industry she loves and that has given her so much financial freedom. She wanted to help companies and employees connect in mutually beneficial professional relationships. She wanted to change lives in a positive manner and help both individuals and companies reach new goals. And she especially desired to teach other women how to break into the fulfilling and financially rewarding recruiting industry.

As a whole, the sales industry is typically male-dominated, and even more so, the tech world. Rooney says this disparity only motivated her more.

“I wanted to make my mark in the industry,” Rooney says. “And I realized most recruiters don’t see the person, they see a number. But I knew that if I treated my job with the tender loving care it deserved, this would all work out.”

After years of hard work, Rooney has realized her vision of empowering women – her office is now approximately 65% female. With her training down to a science, her mentorship is stronger than ever. Rooney is paving the way for other women to take charge of their lives and discover financial freedom. A mom with two young children, Rooney’s time is limited. Because of this, she’s developed highly efficient work practices. She is able to work only 28 hours a week, yet makes more money now then she did before she had kids.

Rooney credits the love of her children as what pushed her to get it right.

“Any time spent away from my children, Diego and Lima, is too precious. I can guarantee that any work I do is all quality. I’m constantly pushing the envelope to be as efficient as humanly possible. I have two little ones counting on me,” Rooney says.

Rooney has a passion for every woman to experience her level of success, no matter if or when they have children, and regardless of how many.

“The United States has an awful maternity program,” Rooney says. “You don’t want to have added stress when you decide to start a family. If you take control of your finances early on, you’ll have tons of choices. Each year you’re a recruiter is better than the last. If you do it right, the referral business starts to snowball. You’ll be given the freedom you desire. Your career will never stop, it will only get stronger.”

Rooney is convinced any person (female or male) is capable of becoming a successful recruiter, at any age and any time in their life or career, if only they have the drive to do so. And her training program is here to prove that. Interested potential recruiters can check out Rooney’s comprehensive and thorough training materials and videos as well as more information at

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