MeasuredRisk and Exodus Intelligence Align to Automate Cyber Risk Inference at Light Speed

Strategic partnership advances cybersecurity innovation exponentially

MeasuredRisk, Inc., the pioneer of AI powered Risk Inference, has announced a strategic partnership with Exodus Intelligence, the de-facto leader in zero-day cyber threat intelligence. By leveraging the collective power of both companies, customers are now able to see risk long before it manifests.

“Companies have overinvested in security solutions that don’t work. This has created failed investments based on 1990’s logic, leading to the problem of ‘too much long-tail tech fizzle’ with little actionable answers. Leaders are overwhelmed by thousands of alerts daily. Compounding the issue, companies have jumped on the AI band wagon, retrofitting tech to ‘check the box’ for market inclusion. If I were a CISO, I’d throw 1/2 of it out and start over. Our difference? MeasuredRisk built a hyper scalable AI Risk Inference Engine from scratch, using a set of critical truths. So did Exodus Intelligence,” said Tom Albert, Founder and CEO of MeasuredRisk. “We employ adversarial game theory to challenge decision tree bias, computer vision against tensors, and other forward-thinking advances to infer risk for leaders. Our platform is able to make 500,000 triangulated inferences of risk per second per node, scaling to potentially millions of nodes with full stability across structured and unstructured data. It’s not beholden to traditional use cases. We have been asked to leverage our ‘brain’ to help healthcare environments and national security scenarios. Exodus and MeasuredRisk sit in front of the market for thought leadership, execution and vision within the cyber ranks. Organizations now realize that traditional product approaches focused on cyber don’t work,” said Albert. The strategic partnership includes integration of Exodus Intelligence capabilities directly into MeasuredRisk’s AI Risk Inference engine. “The way we are partnering creates a 1+1=10 value equation for leaders. We are very excited to work closely with Logan and his amazing team.”

“Exodus Intelligence’s main objective is providing organizations the ability to focus on vulnerabilities posing the greatest risk to their assets. Threat actors are exploiting organizations every day based on new and unknown vulnerabilities. We make it easier for leaders to get there before the bad guys do. Exodus is foundationally a threat research company that holds the top talent in the industry working diligently to identify the most severe and dangerous vulnerabilities to infrastructure that exist,” said Logan Brown, Founder and CEO of Exodus Intelligence. “Through this strategic partnership with MeasuredRisk, we are moving straight to full automation of risk determination, collectively advancing the science of cybersecurity by leap years. Customers and Industry will benefit. Every leader that is looking to have foreknowledge of their cyber risks will benefit. It’s a win-win around that will help the world become a safer place.”

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