Major Public Sector Provider Launches Framework for Greater Apprenticeship Access

  • The deal between leading provider Arch Apprentices and the Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (YPO) will afford NHS, police, schools, local authorities much greater access to acquiring much-needed apprentices
  • Deal will cover public sector organisations in South East, London, North West, West and East Midlands and South West of England
  • Two-year agreement (from 1st August 2018) also grants access to any UK public sector organisation not already involved

The Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (YPO), one of the UK’s leading public sector providers, has provided much greater access to much-needed apprentices for organisations such as the NHS, local government, schools and the Police, through a Framework Agreement.

The two year deal with Arch Apprentices will see those public sector organizations already within the YPO’s jurisdiction granted much easier access to acquiring new apprentice roles, but also, thanks to the EU’s ‘combined Procurement Direction’, any public sector organisation in the UK.

Fire and Rescue services, registered charities as well as UK and central government will be afforded the ability to train apprentices in standards as diverse as data analysis, accountancy, digital content production, software development, networking, management and a wealth of others.

Public Sector Specialist Corporate Account Manager, Simon Barker comments:“Arch Apprentices continue to be recognised as the stand-out provider to the UK public sector in Digital, tech and corporate services apprenticeships. We are delighted that we’ve been approved onto the YPO Apprenticeship Framework.  As you’d expect, our Grade 1 Ofsted score has helped with our application, but the process required much more than that, including detailing flexibility in delivery model, experience in public sector partnerships, and a thorough social value proposition.

A number of our existing local authority customers plan to use YPO to procure further, and larger apprenticeship cohorts, and so we hope to secure continued partnerships with both them, and with other, new public sector clients.”

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