Mahler Carver Real Estate Group is a full- service, cutting edge real estate duo setting a new bar in the Los Angeles real estate market by adding their own brand of focus and individualized attention to each client.

Adam Mahler and Jackie Carver wanted to create a unique tool that would allow their clients to thrive and prosper. They want to be 100% focused on serving each client. This social networking mobile app allows for more efficient communication with each client. It also has various functionalities that are not available with email and text. The Mahler Carver mobile app allows much larger video files and documents to be sent whereas email has a 25MB limit. The app also allows each client to create their own profile, view open houses and events, and directly message Adam and Jackie through an instant messenger feature. This allows them to develop a solid bond with each client while tending to their client’s every need. This more personal and individualized approach will help them to continue to establish their place in the Los Angeles real estate market. Born and raised in Southern California, Real Estate had always been a passion for Adam. Rather than begin his career in Real Estate as an agent, he began as an appraiser. “I wanted to understand homes in a completely different way. I wanted to understand and comprehend how value was generated. What makes one home more valuable than another? What improvements garner the most return on an investment?”

Jackie has 8 years of combined experience in marketing, customer service and real estate. For the past 5 years, she has specialized in providing ultimate service in both residential and commercial real estate. “I have worked exclusively for two of the top producing agents on the West Coast, cultivating my experience in the purchase and sale of single family homes, condos, multi family units and land. After graduating college with a degree in psychology, I have a better understanding on how to focus successfully on the needs of my clients. I’m committed to always going beyond the sale with personable and professional character.”

The app is sent as a link to each client. Once they download the app they are prompted to sign up by creating a username and password. Once logged in they can upload a profile photo and add various information to their profile. The app is currently private and only available to clients of Adam and Jackie. It is pending review on Android’s Google play store and the ios App store.

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